Direct Payments for Specified Use Federal Grants

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Water Bank Program
To preserve and improve major wetlands as habitat for migratory waterfowl and other wildlife, conserve surface waters, reduce soil and wind erosion, contribute to flood control, improve water quality, improve subsurface moisture, and enhance the...

Continuum of Care Program
The program is designed to promote community-wide commitment to the goal of ending homelessness; provide funding for efforts by nonprofit providers, States, and local governments to quickly house homeless individuals and families while minimizing...

Cultural Resources Management
As a steward of the Nation's natural and cultural heritage, the primary responsibility of the NPS is to preserve and protect park resources and values. The NPS actively manages cultural resources in the national park system to meet its statutory...

Rural Housing Stability Assistance Program
The Rural Housing Stability Assistance Program (RHSP) is designed to provide assistance for rural counties to re-house or improve the housing situations of individuals and families who are homeless, at risk of homelessness, or in the worst housing...

Equitable Sharing Program
The Department of Justice Asset Forfeiture Program is a nationwide law enforcement initiative that removes the tools of crime from criminal organizations, deters crime and deprives wrongdoers of their criminal proceeds, and recovers property that...

Performance Based Contract Administrator Program
The purpose of HUDís PBCA program is to implement the policy of the United States, as established in section 2 of the 1937 Act, of assisting States and their political subdivisions (e.g., PHAs) for aiding lower income families in obtaining a decent...

Contributions to International Organizations for Overseas Assistance
Provision of voluntary and assessed contributions to Public International Organizations to carry out humanitarian assistance activities overseas benefitting refugees, victims of conflict, and other persons of concern.

State Select
ONRR shares 90 percent of oil and gas royalties with the State to be paid monthly subject to late disbursement interest.

Veterans Retraining Assistance Program (VRAP)
To provide training in a program that leads to a high demand occupation and employment assistance to unemployed Veterans.

8(g) State Coastal Zone
ONRR shares 27 percent of mineral leasing revenue derived from any lease issued after September 18, 1978, of any Federal tract which lies wholly or partially within 3 nautical miles of the Seaward boundary of any coastal state. Shared revenue is...

Directed Grants and Awards
Objectives of the programs vary based on the directed grant award. Awards are made to specified institutions for purposes specified in the appropriations or authorization bills.

Flood Control Act Lands
ONRR shares 75 percent of mineral leasing revenue with the State, paid monthly and is subject to late disbursement interest.

Early Retiree Reinsurance Program
The program provides reimbursement to sponsors of participating employment-based plans for a portion of the cost of health benefits for early retirees and their spouses, surviving spouses, and dependents. The purpose of the reimbursement is to make...

Geothermal Resources
ONRR shares 50 percent of mineral leasing revenue with the State, and 25 percent with the county.

Affordable Care Act - National Health Service Corps
The National Health Service Corps (NHSC) assists Health Professional Shortage Areas (HPSAs) in every State, Territory, and Possession of the United States to meet their primary care medical, oral, and mental and behavioral health service needs by...

ONRR shares 37.5 percent of selected revenue with Gulf producing states and political subdivisions; payable annually during the year after receipt in accordance with 30 CFR Part 219.414.

National Fallen Firefighters Memorial
Build and sustain resilient systems, communities, and critical infrastructure and key resources lifelines so as to reduce their vulnerability to natural, technological, and human-caused incidents by lessening the likelihood, severity, and duration...

Minerals Leasing Act
As directed by the Minerals Leasing Act, the Office of Natural Resources Revenue (ONRR) shares 50 percent (90 percent for Alaska) of mineral leasing revenue with States. Since 2008 payments were subjected to a two percent reduction, as required by...

Emergency Management Baseline Assessments Grant (EMBAG)
The FY 2015 EMBAG program will support the development updating and enhancement of a set of American National Standards Institute (ANSI)-certified standards for emergency preparedness and response as well as a related assessment methodology for the...

Organic Certification Cost Share Programs
The objective of this program is to provide financial assistance to certified organic producers and handlers.

National Forest Acquired Lands
ONRR shares 25 percent of minerals leasing revenue with the State in which such National Forest is situated. Revenue is paid monthly and is subject to late disbursement interest.

Child Nutrition Direct Certification Performance Awards
Direct Certification Performance Awards are designed to encourage States to ensure that all eligible children living in households receiving benefits under the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) are directly certified for free school...

National Petroleum Reserve - Alaska
ONRR shares 50 percent of mineral leasing revenue with the State of Alaska, to be paid monthly (oil and gas royalties) subject to late disbursement interest. Other than oil and gas royalties are paid semi-annually.

CCC's Dairy Export Incentive Program
The major objective of the program is to develop export markets for dairy products where U.S. products are not price competitive and thereby, make sales in targeted overseas markets for the purpose of market development or where competitor countries...