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Healthy Forests Reserve Program (HFRP)
To assist landowners in restoring and enhancing forest ecosystems to: promote the recovery of threatened and endangered species; improve biodiversity; and enhance carbon sequestration.

Native American/Native Hawaiian Museum Services Program
Native American/Native Hawaiian Museum Services (NANH) grants support Native American tribes and organizations that primarily serve and represent Native Hawaiians. They are intended to provide opportunities to sustain heritage, culture, and...

Museum Grants for African American History and Culture
Museum Grants for African American History and Culture are intended to enhance institutional capacity and sustainability through professional training, technical assistance, internships, outside expertise, and other tools. Successful proposals will...

Federal Junior Duck Stamp Conservation and Design
To use visual arts programs and a nation-wide art contest to teach students in kindergarten through high school environmental science, wildlife management, wetlands ecology, and the importance of habitat conservation.

Migratory Bird Conservation
To maintain and enhance populations and habitats of migratory bird species found in the Upper Midwest (IL, IN, IA, MI, MN, MO, OH, WI).

Help America Vote Act Requirements Payments
HAVA Section 251 authorizes requirements payments to assist States (including the District of Columbia and U.S. Territories) in meeting the Uniform and Nondiscriminatory Election Technology and Administration Requirements in Title III of the Act...

National Institutes of Health Pediatric Research Loan Repayment Program
To attract and retain health professionals to pediatric research careers by offering educational loan repayment for participants who agree by written contract to engage in pediatric research in a qualifying nonprofit institution for a minimum of 2...

Medicare_Prescription Drug Coverage
To provide prescription drugs to Medicare beneficiaries through their voluntary participation in prescription drug plans, with an additional subsidy provided to lower-income beneficiaries.

Scientific Leadership Awards
The objectives of this program are: (1) increase the intellectual capacity, skills and talents, especially those of U.S. citizens in areas of relevance to homeland security; (2) to attract undergraduate and graduate students to obtain advanced...

Agricultural Management Assistance
To provide financial assistance to producers on private lands through contracts to construct or improve water management structures or irrigation structures; plant trees for windbreaks or to improve water quality; and mitigate financial risk through...

Grassland Reserve Program
To assist landowners and operators in restoring and protecting eligible grazing lands, including rangeland, pastureland and certain other lands through rental contracts and easements.

Conservation Security Program
The CSP sets forth a mechanism to provide financial and technical assistance to promote the conservation and improvement of soil, water, air, energy, plant and animal life, and other conservation purposes on Tribal and private working lands. Working...

Migratory Bird Joint Ventures
To protect, restore, and enhance wetland and upland ecosystems for the conservation of migratory birds.

Federal Reimbursement of Emergency Health Services Furnished to Undocumented Aliens
To reimburse eligible providers for their otherwise un-reimbursed costs associated with furnishing emergency health services to undocumented and certain other aliens.

Adult Education_National Leadership Activities
To support applied research, development, demonstration, dissemination, evaluation, and related activities that contribute to the improvement of adult education and literacy activities nationally.

Burial Expenses Allowance for Veterans
To provide a monetary allowance not to exceed $300 toward the plot or interment expense for certain veterans not buried in a national cemetery. Up to $300 as a burial allowance is payable toward the burial expense of certain veterans. If death is...

Farm and Ranch Lands Protection Program
To provide funding to eligible entities to purchase conservation easements to limit conversion to non-agricultural uses of farm and ranch lands that contain prime, unique, or important soils; that contain historical and archaeological resources; or...

Harry S Truman Scholarship Program
To honor former President Harry S Truman through the operation of an education scholarship program, financed by a permanent trust fund endowment, to develop increased opportunities for young Americans to prepare for and pursue careers in public...

Indian Social Services_Welfare Assistance
To provide financial assistance for basic needs of needy eligible American Indians who reside on or near reservations, including those American Indians living under Bureau of Indian Affairs service area jurisdictions, when such assistance is not...

Minerals and Mining on Indian Lands
The objectives of the Energy and Mineral Development Program are to: (1) provide funds to Tribes to perform technical evaluations of the energy (both renewable and conventional) and mineral resource potential of Indian reservations; (2) provide...

Nutrition Assistance For Puerto Rico
An alternative to the Special Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) to provide access to healthy food by needy persons residing in the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico.

Road Maintenance_Indian Roads
To provide limited routine and preventive maintenance on BIA transportation facilities as described below: (1) BIA road systems and related road appurtenances such as signs, traffic signals, pavement striping, trail markers, guardrails, etc.; (2)...

State Criminal Alien Assistance Program
The State Criminal Alien Assistance Program (SCAAP) is a payment program designed to provide federal assistance to states and localities that incur costs for incarcerating undocumented criminal aliens who are being held as a result of state and/or...

Undergraduate Scholarship Program for Individuals from Disadvantaged Backgrounds
To provide service-conditioned scholarships to individuals from disadvantaged backgrounds who agree to pursue undergraduate education at accredited institutions. Individuals must pursue a course of academic study which prepares them for professions...

Basic Research, Educational Outreach, or Training Opportunities in the area of Science.
Science funds (Treasury Account Symbol = 80 0120-0-1-252) will be used to fund NASA Federal Financial Assistance awards with institutions of higher...


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