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Wildfires and Hurricanes Indemnity Program Plus
The WHIP Plus is directly reimbursing producers for crop, tree, bush, and vine losses due to qualifying disaster events in 2018 and 2019.

Farm-to-Fleet Feedstock Program Biofuel Production Incentive
The objectives of BFP is to have the capability to produce ready drop-in replacement advance biofuels meeting military specifications at a price competitive with petroleum; provide geographically diverse locations for ready market access; and will...

Market Facilitation Program
The Commodity Credit Corporation (CCC) is issuing new regulations to implement MFP. MFP provides assistance for producers with commodities that have been significantly impacted by actions of foreign governments resulting in the loss of traditional...

2017 Wildfires and Hurricanes Indemnity Program
The 2017 WHIP is directly reimbursing producers for crop production losses in 2018. In addition to WHIP, USDA is providing a grant to Florida, which is reimbursing citrus producers for the cost of buying and planting replacement trees, including...

Dairy Assistance Program for Puerto Rico
DAP-PR provided assistance to dairy operations affected by hurricanes in 2017 to purchase feed from feed dealers in Puerto Rico. Additional assistance was provided for additional days of feed or for purchasing fuel if funds remained available. The...

Cotton Ginning Cost Share Program
With respect to cotton ginning expenses for the 2016 cotton crop, the Cotton Ginning Cost-Share (CGCS) Program provides a one-time cost-share payment, not to exceed 40 percent of calculated ginning costs by region, to cotton producers certifying to...

Cotton Transition Assistance Program
CTAP is a temporary program that provides payments to producers on farms for which cotton base acres were in existence as of September 30, 2013.

Agriculture Risk Coverage Program
The ARC program carried over from the 2014 Farm Bill. ARC provides income support to eligible producers of covered commodities.

Livestock Indemnity Program-2014 Farm Bill
LIP provides benefits to eligible livestock owners or livestock contract growers for livestock deaths in excess of normal mortality caused by eligible loss conditions, including eligible adverse weather, eligible disease and by attacks by animals...

Livestock Forage Program
LFP provides compensation to eligible livestock producers that have suffered grazing losses for covered livestock on land that is native or improved pastureland with permanent vegetative cover or is planted specifically for grazing. It also provides...

Tree Assistance Program
TAP provides financial assistance to eligible orchardists and nursery tree growers to replant or rehabilitate eligible trees, bushes, and vines damaged by natural disasters.

Pima Agriculture Cotton Trust Fund
The Agricultural Act of 2014 establishes the Pima Agriculture Cotton Trust Fund to reduce the injury to domestic textile manufacturers resulting from U.S. import tariffs on cotton fabric that are higher than tariffs on certain apparel articles made...

Agriculture Wool Apparel Manufacturers Trust Fund
The Agricultural Act of 2014 establishes the Agriculture Wool Apparel Manufacturers Trust Fund to reduce the injury to domestic manufacturers resulting from tariffs on wool fabric that are higher than tariffs on certain apparel articles made of wool...

VHA Inpatient Medicine
The intent is to account for Veterans Health Care spending and display the spending by Veteran residence

Reimbursement Transportation Cost Payment Program for Geographically Disadvantaged Farmers and Ranchers
The intended goal of the program is to provide direct reimbursement payments to a geographically disadvantaged farmer or rancher who transports an agricultural commodity, or inputs used to produce an agricultural commodity during a fiscal year....

Disaster Relief Appropriations Act, Emergency Forest Restoration Program
To provide financial assistance to eligible participants on eligible land for certain practices to restore nonindustrial private forest land that has been damaged by a natural disaster. The financial assistance will be cost share payments to assist...

8(g) State Coastal Zone
ONRR shares 27 percent of mineral leasing revenue derived from any lease issued after September 18, 1978, of any Federal tract which lies wholly or partially within 3 nautical miles of the Seaward boundary of any coastal state. Shared revenue is...

Alaska Settlement Agreement
ONRR shares 100 percent with the State of Alaska to be paid monthly subject to late disbursement interest for contracts, leases, permits, rights-of-way, or easements under Section 6(h) of the Alaska Statehood Act.

California Refuge Account
ONRR shares 40.87 percent with the State of California.

Flood Control Act Lands
ONRR shares 75 percent of mineral leasing revenue with the State, paid monthly and is subject to late disbursement interest.

Late Disbursement Interest
ONRR pays late disbursement interest on subject payments made to States after the due date.

Montgomery GI Bill Selected Reserve; Reserve Educational Assistance Program
To encourage membership in units of the Selected Reserve of the Ready Reserve and to provide educational assistance to members of the reserve components called or ordered to active service in response to a war or national emergency declared by the...

VA U.S. Paralympics Monthly Assistance Allowance Program
To promote the lifelong health and to motivate, encourage and sustain participation and competition in adaptive sports from the local level through elite levels among disabled Veterans and disabled members of the Armed Forces through partnerships...

Indemnity Program
Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service administers regulations at 9 CFR parts 50 to 54 that authorizes payment for indemnities. This authority covers a wide variety of indemnity situations ranging from large livestock depopulations to small fowl...

Biomass Crop Assistance Program
The purpose of BCAP is to encourage the production of biofuels. BCAP accomplishes this by providing funding for agricultural and forest land owners and operators to receive matching payments for certain eligible material sold to qualified biomass...


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