Department of Transportation Federal Grants

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Crash Data Improvement Program
To improve the collection and analysis of truck and bus crash data and ensure that complete, accurate and timely data are available for analysis in the United States.

Transportation-Consumer Affairs
To improve service provided to the public by U.S. and foreign air carriers.

Development and Promotion of Ports and Intermodal Transportation
To promote and plan for the development and utilization of domestic waterways, ports, and port facilities, to provide technical advice and information to Government agencies, private industry and State and municipal governments; to support the laws...

Tribal Colleges-Entrepreneurial Training and Technical Assistance
To support Tribal Colleges and Universities (TCUs) in advancing the development of human potential by providing quality educational experiences, training and employment opportunities to minority students interested in transportation-related careers,...

Human Resource Programs
To provide financial assistance for national, regional and local initiatives that address human resource needs as they apply to public transportation activities. Such programs may include but are not limited to employment training programs;...

Federal Highway Safety Data Improvements Incentive Grants
To encourage States to adopt effective programs to improve the timeliness, accuracy, completeness, uniformity, and accessibility of State data.

Operating-Differential Subsidies
To promote development and maintenance of the U.S. Merchant Marine by granting financial aid to equalize cost of operating a U.S. flag ship with cost of operating a competitive foreign flag ship.

Transportation Statistics Research Grants
To support development of the field of transportation statistics and advance research.

Motor Carrier Safety
To protect the public from risks inherent in commercial vehicle operations on the public highways, and to minimize risks involved in moving hazardous materials over public highways.

State Planning and Research
To assist in the development of cost effective multimodal transportation improvement programs which include the planning, engineering, and designing of Federal Transit projects, and other technical studies in a program for a unified and officially...

Ship Sales
To sell by competitive bids, merchant ships which become surplus to the needs of the Government.

Safety Incentive Grants for Use of Seatbelts
To encourage States to increase seat belt use rates to reduce highway deaths and injuries resulting from individuals riding unrestrained or improperly restrained in motor vehicles.

Grants-in-Aid for Railroad Safety-State Participation
To promote safety in all areas of railroad operations; reduce railroad related accidents and casualties; and to reduce damage to property caused by accidents involving any carrier of hazardous materials by providing State participation in the...

Safety Incentives to Prevent Operation of Motor Vehicles by Intoxicated Persons
To encourage States to establish an 0.08 percent blood alcohol concentration as the legal limit for drunk driving.

National Pipeline Mapping System
To create a National Pipeline Mapping System (NPMS) that consists of multiple State repositories, and a National repository that includes location and selected attributes of the major natural gas transmission and hazardous liquid pipelines and...

High Speed Ground Transportation-Next Generation High Speed Rail Program
To stimulate the implementation of High Speed Passenger Rail Systems.

Supplementary Training
To train seafarers in shipboard fire fighting, and other such essential subjects related to safety and operations where this training is not or cannot be provided by the industry directly. Maritime defense and intermodal freight transportation...

Airway Science
To assist recognized colleges and/or universities in the need for facilities and equipment for Airway Science (AWS) curriculum students.

Aviation Education
To promote "Aviation Knowledge through Education"; create a public awareness of the need to promote the development and enhancement of education in aviation; establish a civil aviation information distribution program within each region and center...

Bonding Assistance Program
To enhance and further the opportunity for Small and Disadvantaged Business Enterprises (SDBEs) to obtain bid, performance and payment bonds for transportation-related contracts emanating from the DOT, its grantees, recipients, their contractors and...

Disadvantaged Business Enterprises_Short Term Lending Program
Advance the opportunities for small, minority-owned disadvantaged business, including women and service-disabled veteran owned businesses and Disadvantaged Business Enterprises (DBEs) to obtain accounts receivable financing for the performance of...

Hispanic Serving Institutions-Entrepreneurial Training and Technical Assistance
To support Hispanic Serving Institutions (HSIs) to achieve their principle mission; utilize the resources of HSIs to increase the ability of small and disadvantaged business enterprises (S/DBEs) to participate in transportation-related projects; and...

Federal Transit Grants for University Research and Training
To sponsor research studies and training in the problems of transportation in urban areas and to encourage students to seek careers in transit and to increase cooperative interchanges between transit operators and the academic community.

Historically Black Colleges and Universities-Entrepreneurial Training and Technical Assistance
To support the efforts of Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs) to achieve their principal mission; utilize the resources of HBCUs to increase ability of small and disadvantaged businesses (S/DBEs) to participate in...

Federal Transit Managerial Training Grants
To provide fellowships for training of managerial, technical, and professional personnel employed in the transit field.