Multistate Corridor Operations Management


ISSUE: Multistate Corridor Operations and Management program solicitation for proposal in FY 2013 using FY12 funds BACKGROUND: The Multistate Corridor Operations and Management (MCOM) research program was established under the Safe, Accountable, Flexible, Efficient Transportation Equity Act: A Legacy for Users (SAFETEA-LU), and extended in the Surface Transportation Extension Act of 2011, Part II (Extension Act), title I of Public Law 112-30 through March 31, 2012. Section 5211 of SAFETEA-LU (Pub. L. 109-59; 119 Stat. 1144) created Section 511 of title 23, United States Code (23 USC 511) that authorizes the Secretary of Transportation to encourage and fund MCOM programs and projects. Funding for this program comes from the Research and Innovative Technology Administration but is managed by the Federal Highway Administration, Office of Operations. This is not a new program; originally monies were designated for the I-95 corridor and had been granted to the I-95 Corridor Coalition. However, in FY2011, Congress opened up this program to any multistate corridor organization. The Secretary of Transportation had determined in FY12 and FY13 that the original program grantee (I-95 Corridor Coalition) had been sufficiently funded and thus opened funding to other coalitions. This led to a FY12 solicitation and awards using FY11 funding. This year's solicitation is based on the FY2012 monies ($6.481 million) made available under the program; no additional money will be available in subsequent years; it is anticipated that this will be the last round of grants for this program. Although the applicant must be a State DOT, other entities can be party to the coalition or organization and receive funds through the State DOT using Federal-aid Highway contract procedures. A multi-agency evaluation team (RITA, FHWA, FTA, and FMCSA) will be used to review the proposals and make recommendations to leadership for further consideration. In the FY12 solicitation thirteen proposals covering 37 States were received totaling $20.8m in requests for Federal funds. Due to multiple submissions there are 11 lead State DOTs represented in the proposals. Ultimately six proposals received grants for a total of $6.481 million. POINTS OF CONTACT: Robert Arnold, FHWA Director Office of Transportation Management (HOTM), x61285 Angela Jacobs, FHWA HOTM Program Manager, x60076 Kate Hartman, RITA Program Manager, Truck and Program Assessment, x62742 SUPERVISOR: Jeffrey Lindley, FHWA Associate Administrator for Operations, x68753

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Deleted 05/05/2013 (Archived.)
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Agency: Department of Transportation
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Angela Jacobs
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Awards up to $6,800,000.00


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