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Maritime Studies and Innovations
The purpose of this program is to provide assistance for projects involving studies and innovations related to shipping, vessel operations, shipyards, maritime financing and insurance, and all other maritime activities in support of the policy of...

Women on the Water (WOW)
The purpose of the WOW program is to promote diversity in the maritime industry. The program also provides exposure to the history and the current climate women face today in the maritime industry. It provides opportunities for the cadets to...

Ballast Water Treatment Technologies
MARAD will use the projects results and data for a variety of purposes including to further the current efforts that address the curtailment of aquatic invasive species within the Chesapeake Bay and coastal waters throughout the United States as...

Air Emissions and Energy Initiative
MARAD will use projects results and data for a variety of purposes including further support of air emissions reduction research, demonstration, and pilot projects. In addition, the result will be used to evaluate the public benefits of providing...

Great Ships Initiative
The Great Waters Research Collaborative (GWRC) is a collaboration whose objective is to end the problem of ship-mediated invasive species in the Great Lakes-St. Lawrence Seaway System. The near term objective is to significantly accelerate research,...

America's Marine Highway Grants
Mitigate landside congestion, expand transportation options, and realize public benefit and external cost savings by awarding Marine Highway grants to qualified applicants to implement designated Marine Highway projects.

Assistance to Small Shipyards
To award grants for capital improvements and related infrastructure improvements at qualified shipyards that will facilitate the efficiency, cost effectiveness, and quality of domestic ship construction for commercial and Federal Government use.

Capital Construction Fund
To provide for replacement vessels, additional vessels or reconstructed vessels, built and documented under the laws of the United States for operation in the United States foreign, Great Lakes, Marine Highways or noncontiguous domestic trades.

Construction Reserve Fund
To promote the construction, reconstruction, reconditioning, or acquisition of merchant vessels built and documented under the laws of the United States for purposes of national defense and the development of U.S. commerce.

Federal Ship Financing Guarantees
To provide competitive financing through the issuance of guarantees of debt issued for the purpose of financing or refinancing the construction, reconstruction or reconditioning of vessels built in United States shipyards and guarantee obligations...

Maritime Security Fleet Program or Ship Operations Cooperation Program
The MSP helps sustain a fleet of 60 active, commercially viable, militarily useful, privately-owned vessels operating under U.S. registry to meet national defense and other security requirements. Participating operators are required to make their...

Maritime War Risk Insurance
To provide war risk insurance to U.S.-flag and foreign vessels whenever it appears to the Secretary of Transportation that adequate insurance for waterborne commerce cannot be obtained on reasonable terms and conditions from commercial companies.

State Maritime Schools
To educate and train future merchant marine officers at the State Maritime Academies (SMA). The education and training of these students prepares them to graduate and enter the maritime industry in numerous capacities, including crewing merchant...

U.S. Merchant Marine Academy
To educate and train merchant marine officers.

Natural Gas Pilot Demonstration Project
Maritime Administration Natural Gas Pilot/Demonstration Project Request for Proposals Action: The Maritime Administration Office of Environment is issuing this request for proposals (RFP) for projects that focus on vessel conversion to...

Maritime Energy Conservation or Efficiency Pilot/Demonstration Project
Statement of Work Maritime Energy Conservation or Efficiency Pilot/Demonstration Project Action: The Maritime Administration Office of Environment is issuing this request for proposals (RFP) for projects that demonstrate vessel energy...

Development and Promotion of Ports and Intermodal Transportation
To promote and plan for the development and utilization of domestic waterways, ports, and port facilities, to provide technical advice and information to Government agencies, private industry and State and municipal governments; to support the laws...

Operating-Differential Subsidies
To promote development and maintenance of the U.S. Merchant Marine by granting financial aid to equalize cost of operating a U.S. flag ship with cost of operating a competitive foreign flag ship.

Ship Sales
To sell by competitive bids, merchant ships which become surplus to the needs of the Government.

Supplementary Training
To train seafarers in shipboard fire fighting, and other such essential subjects related to safety and operations where this training is not or cannot be provided by the industry directly. Maritime defense and intermodal freight transportation...


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