FY1998 & 2004 - Atlanta-Charlotte Tier 1 EIS Environmental Impact Statement


In the Transportation Equity Act for the 21st Century, Congress appropriated $5 million ($4,690,857 after rescission) to conduct a study of the transportation alternatives between Atlanta and Chattanooga. Those funds required a 20% match and were appropriated to the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA), but FHWA transferred them to the FRA. In the 2004 Consolidated Appropriations Act, Congress provided an additional $2 million to study the Intermodal Transportation Corridor from Atlanta to Chattanooga. Those funds were also appropriated to FHWA and transferred to FRA but required no state or local match. In a grant agreement executed on July 14, 2006 (DTFR53-06-H-00001) between FRA and the GDOT, FRA obligated $6,690,857 in Federal funds to GDOT, which agreed to provide a $1,172,714 match, resulting in a total project cost of $7,863,571. Using those funds, GDOT was to complete a Tier I EIS (Draft and Final) and a draft Record of Decision. GDOT h as not yet completed the project and $759,403 in Federal funds remain. FRA has closed out the existing grant and is re-obligating $508,000 of the remaining funds to Georgia DOT to complete the project. GDOT is providing a match in the amount of $127,000.

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Deleted 02/17/2013 (Archived.)
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Agency: Department of Transportation
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Cooperative Agreement
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Applicant Eligibility
The only entity permitted to apply for this grant is the Georgia Department of Transportation
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No Explanation
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This program has cost sharing or matching requirements.
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GrantSolutions Help Desk at 1-866-577-0771 or by email at help@grantsolutions.gov

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Awards up to $508,000.00


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