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Payments to States in Lieu of Real Estate Taxes
To compensate local taxing units for the loss of taxes from federally acquired lands, 75 percent of all monies received or deposited in the Treasury during any fiscal year for the account of leasing of lands acquired by the United States for flood...

Protection of Essential Highways, Highway Bridge Approaches, and Public Works
To provide bank protection of highways, highway bridges, essential public works, churches, hospitals, schools, and other nonprofit public services endangered by flood-caused erosion.

Protection, Clearing and Straightening Channels
To restore channels for purposes of navigation or flood control.

Integrated Helicopter Design Tools
To stimulate innovative approaches and pursue goals to invest in research and development on technologies important to both defense and commercial application; to integrate the defense and commercial industrial bases; and to access the commercial...

Snagging and Clearing for Flood Control
To reduce flood damages.

Community Base Reuse Plans
To assist local governments or States on behalf of local governments to develop a reuse/redevelopment plan for a Department of Defense (DoD) military installation approved for closure or realignment.

Aquatic Plant Control
To provide for the cooperation of the Army Corps of Engineers with State and local government agencies in the control of obnoxious aquatic plants in rivers, harbors, and allied waters.

Beach Erosion Control Projects
To control beach and shore erosion to public shores through projects not specifically authorized by Congress.

Growth Management Planning Assistance
To assist local governments or States on behalf of local governments to undertake community economic adjustment planning activities in response to the establishment or expansion of a Department of Defense (DoD) military installation. This activity...

Emergency Advance Measures for Flood Prevention
To perform activities prior to flooding or flood fight that would assist in protecting against loss of life and damages to property due to flooding.


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