Department of Agriculture Federal Grants

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1890 Institution Capacity Building Grants
To build the research and teaching capacities of the 1890 land-grant institutions and Tuskegee University through cooperative programs with Federal and nonfederal entities.

1890 Land Grant Institutions Rural Entrepreneurial Outreach Program
To encourage 1890 Institutions to provide technical assistance for business creation in economically challenged rural communities, to conduct educational programs that develop and improve upon the professional skills of rural entrepreneurs, and to...

1994 Institutions Research Program
The Tribal Colleges Research Grants Program (TCRGP) (aka 1994 Institutions Research Program) is a competitive grants program supporting fundamental and/ or applied agricultural research projects that address high priority concerns of tribal,...

2009 Aquaculture Grant Program
To provide assistance to eligible aquaculture producers that suffered financial losses associated with high feed input costs during the 2009 calendar year.

Afghanistan Agricultural Extension Project (aaep)
To provide professional development training for Afghanistan’s agricultural extension staff, designed to facilitate the delivery of a more effective, demand-driven extension service to producers and other rural clientele in selected areas of the...

Agricultural And Food Policy Research Centers
To conduct research and education programs that are objective, operationally independent, and external to the Federal Government and that concern the effect of public policies and trade agreements on:
(1) the farm and agricultural sectors...

Agricultural and Rural Economic Research
To provide economic and other social science information and analysis for public and private decisions on agriculture, food, natural resources, and rural America. ERS produces such information for use by the general public and to help the executive...

Agricultural Conservation Easement Program
To establish an agricultural conservation easement program for the conservation of eligible land and natural resources through easements or other interests in the land. The Agricultural Conservation Easement Program (ACEP) is comprised of two...

Agricultural Management Assistance
To provide financial assistance to producers on private lands through contracts to construct or improve water management structures or irrigation structures; plant trees for windbreaks or to improve water quality; and mitigate financial risk through...

Agricultural Market And Economic Research
To conduct cooperative economic research and analyses in support of the Office of the Chief Economist's responsibility to advise the Secretary of Agriculture on the economic implications of Department policies, programs, and proposed legislation....

Agricultural Research-Basic and Applied Research
To make agricultural research discoveries, evaluate alternative ways of attaining research goals, and provide scientific technical information.

Agricultural Statistics Reports
To formulate, develop, and administer programs for collecting and publishing statistics related to agriculture, resources, and rural communities.
To assist rural communities to create prosperity so they are self sustaining, repopulating and...

Agricultural Water Enhancement Program
AWEP as part of the Environmental Quality Incentives Program, promotes ground and surface water conservation and improved water quality on agricultural lands. As authorized by Congress, this is not a grant program to eligible partners. This is a...

Agriculture And Food Research Initiative (afri)
To establish a competitive grants program to provide funding for fundamental and applied research, extension, and education to address food and agricultural sciences.

Agriculture Risk Coverage Program
The ARC program is similar to the previous Direct and Counter-cyclical Payments Program (DCP) and the Average Crop Revenue Election (ACRE) which were repealed by P.L. 113-79. ARC provides income support to eligible producers of covered commodities.

Agriculture Wool Apparel Manufacturers Trust Fund
The Agricultural Act of 2014 establishes the Agriculture Wool Apparel Manufacturers Trust Fund to reduce the injury to domestic manufacturers resulting from tariffs on wool fabric that are higher than tariffs on certain apparel articles made of wool...

Alaska Native Serving and Native Hawaiian Serving Institutions Education Grants
The purpose of this program is to promote and strengthen the ability of Alaska Native-Serving Institutions and Native Hawaiian-Serving (ANNH) Institutions to carry out education, applied research, and related community development programs. NIFA...

Alfalfa And Forage Research Program
To improve alfalfa and forage yield and seed yield of crops grown for propagation, improve persistence of plantings, reduce pest pressure for both forage and seed production, improve genetic quality of commercial cultivars and reduce losses during...

Animal Health and Disease Research
The purpose of this funding is to increase animal health and disease research activities at accredited State veterinary schools or colleges or agricultural experiment stations that conduct animal health and disease research. To support animal...

Appropriate Technology Transfer For Rural Areas
To provide diverse technical information and educational resources about sustainable agriculture to farmers, information providers, agriculture-related businesses, and community food organizations across the U.S.

Aquaculture Grants Program (agp)
To provide assistance to eligible aquaculture producers.

Assessment Of Alternatives To Face-to-face Interviews In Snap
To examine how/if eliminating the client interview for SNAP benefits affects administration of the SNAP program and client outcomes.