Veterans Benefits Administration Federal Grants

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Specially Adapted Housing Assistive Technology Grant Program
Pursuant to the Veterans Benefit Act of 2010, the Secretary of Veterans Affairs (Secretary), through the Loan Guaranty Service (LGY) of the Veterans Benefits Administration (VBA), is authorized to provide grants of financial assistance to develop...

Montgomery GI Bill Selected Reserve
To encourage membership in units of the Selected Reserve of the Ready Reserve and to provide educational assistance to members of the reserve components called or ordered to active service in response to a war or national emergency declared by the...

Post-9/11 Veterans Educational Assistance
To assist beneficiaries in receiving educational benefits and training and to help service members adjust to civilian life after separation from military service, assist in the recruitment and retention of highly qualified personnel in the active...

Life Insurance for Veterans - Direct Payments for Insurance
To provide direct insurance payments, including advance payments disbursed as loans, to Veterans and their beneficiaries for claims based on death or other qualifying circumstances. Payments may be authorized for United States Government Life...

Veterans Housing Guaranteed and Insured Loans
To assist veterans, certain service personnel, and certain unmarried surviving spouses of veterans, in obtaining credit for the purchase, construction or improvement of homes on more liberal terms than are generally available to non-veterans.

All-Volunteer Force Educational Assistance
To help servicepersons readjust to civilian life after their separation from military service. Assist in the recruitment and retention of highly qualified personnel in the active and reserve components in the Armed Forces by providing education...

Automobiles and Adaptive Equipment for Certain Disabled Veterans and Members of the Armed Forces
Provide financial assistance to certain disabled servicepersons and Veterans toward the purchase price of an automobile or other conveyance and an additional amount for adaptive equipment deemed necessary to insure the eligible person will be able...

Burial Expenses Allowance for Veterans
If the Veteran died on or after October 1, 2023, VA will provide a monetary allowance not to exceed $948, or that amount authorized under 38 U.S.C. 2303 whichever is greater, toward the plot or interment expense for certain Veterans not buried in a...

Vocational and Educational Counseling for Servicemembers and Veterans
To offer vocational and educational counseling to service members within 180 days of their projected discharge or release from active duty and to veterans within one year from the date of their discharge or release from active duty. This counseling...

Veteran Readiness and Employment
To provide all services and assistance necessary to enable Veterans with service-connected disabilities and service members hospitalized or receiving outpatient medical care services or treatment for a service- connected disability pending discharge...

Vocational Training and Rehabilitation for Vietnam Veterans' Children with Spina Bifida or Other Covered Birth Defects
To provide services to children of Vietnam Veterans born with spina bifida (except for spina bifida occulta). Chapter 18 enables a qualified child to prepare for and attain suitable employment.

Monthly Allowance for Children of Vietnam Veterans Born with Spina Bifida
To provide financial assistance to certain children born with spina bifida who are children of individuals who served in the Republic of Vietnam during the Vietnam era.

Native American Veteran Direct Loan Program
To provide direct loans to certain veterans who are, or whose spouses are, Native Americans for the purchase or construction of homes on trust lands.

Pension for Non-Service-Connected Disability for Veterans
To assist wartime veterans in need whose non-service- connected disabilities are permanent and total preventing them from following a substantially gainful occupation.

Pension to Veterans Surviving Spouses, and Children
To assist needy surviving spouses, and children of deceased war-time veterans whose deaths were not service connected.

Post-Vietnam Era Veterans' Educational Assistance
To provide educational assistance to persons entering the Armed Forces after December 31, 1976, and before July 1, 1985; to assist persons in obtaining an education they might otherwise not be able to afford; and to promote and assist the...

Specially Adapted Housing for Disabled Veterans
To help certain severely disabled veterans acquire a home which is suitably adapted to meet the special needs of their disabilities.

Survivors and Dependents Educational Assistance
To provide educational opportunities to the dependents of certain disabled and deceased veterans.

Veterans Compensation for Service-Connected Disability
Compensate Veterans for disabilities incurred in or aggravated during military service according to the average impairment in earning capacity such disability would cause in civilian occupations.

Veterans Dependency and Indemnity Compensation for Service-Connected Death
To compensate surviving spouses, children and parents for the death of any servicemember who died while on active duty, active duty for training, or inactive duty training, OR any Veteran who: died from an injury or disease deemed to be related to...

Veterans Housing Direct Loans for Certain Disabled Veterans
To provide veterans who are eligible for a Specially Adapted Housing grant with a loan directly from VA in instances where a loan is necessary to supplement the grant, and home loans from private lenders are not available in the area where the...

Veterans Retraining Assistance Program (VRAP)
To provide training in a program that leads to a high demand occupation and employment assistance to unemployed Veterans.

Veterans Housing_Manufactured Home Loans
To assist veterans, servicepersons, and certain unmarried surviving spouses of veterans in obtaining credit for the purchase of a manufactured home on more liberal terms than are available to non-veterans.

Veterans Information and Assistance
To provide all necessary information and assistance to potential claimants and other interested parties about veterans benefits and to provide locations within each State where this assistance can be obtained.

Compensation for Service-Connected Deaths for Veterans' Dependents
To compensate surviving spouses, children and dependent parents for the death of any veteran who died before January 1, 1957, because of a service-connected disability. (Claimants may elect payment under the VA Dependency and Indemnity Compensation...