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Marketing Agreements and Orders
Marketing Agreements and Orders are designed to stabilize market conditions and improve returns to producers through the establishment of minimum prices, regulating the quality and quantity of commodities sold through commercial channels, and...

Weights and Measures Service
To provide leadership and technical resources to assure the accuracy of the quantities and quantity representations in all commercial transactions in the United States, to promote a uniform national weights and measures system, to promote...

Department of Defense Appropriation Act of 2003
For developing a system for prioritization of mitigation and cost to complete estimates for mitigation, on Indian lands resulting from Department of Defense activities. (1) For the mitigation of environmental impacts, including training and...

Forestry on Indian Lands
To maintain, protect, enhance, and develop Indian forest resources through the execution of forest management activities.

Meat, Poultry, and Egg Products Inspection
To assure that all meat, poultry and egg products produced in plants and shipped in commerce are federally inspected for safety, wholesomeness, and proper labeling.

8(a) Business Development Program
To foster business ownership by individuals who are both socially and economically disadvantaged; and to promote the competitive viability of such firms by providing business development and mentoring assistance including, but not limited to,...

Agriculture on Indian Lands
To protect and restore the agricultural (cropland and rangeland) resources on trust lands and facilitate the development of renewable agricultural resources.

General Research and Technology Activity
To carry out research, demonstration and program evaluation and monitoring projects of high priority and pre-selected by the Department to improve the operations of the Department's programs.

Minerals and Mining on Indian Lands
The objectives of the Energy and Mineral Development Program are to: (1) provide funds to Tribes to perform technical evaluations of the energy (both renewable and conventional) and mineral resource potential of Indian reservations; (2) provide...

Air Transportation Centers of Excellence
Conduct long term research in critical and specific areas of aviation related technology. Responsibilities of Centers may include, but are not limited to: the conduct of research concerning catastrophic failure of aircraft; airspace and airport...

Disaster Legal Services
The Disaster Legal Services Program (DLS) supports the NPG Mission Area of Recovery and the specific capability targets of economic recovery and health and social services. DLS accomplishes this by providing legal assistance to low-income...

Inspection Grading and Standardization
To develop and apply standards of quality and condition for agricultural commodities; to participate and assist in the development of international agricultural standards; and to conduct quarterly inspections of egg handlers and hatcheries.

Small Business Development Centers
To provide management counseling, training, and technical assistance to the small business community through a network of Small Business Development Centers (SBDCs).

Navajo-Hopi Indian Settlement
To implement those provisions of the Navajo-Hopi Settlement Act of 1974, as amended, which are assigned to the Department of the Interior; and to institute conservation practices and methods to restore the grazing potential of rangelands lying...

Technical Assistance to Cooperatives
To develop and administer research, technical assistance, statistical, and educational programs on finances, organization, management, legal, social, and economic aspects of rural cooperatives, focusing on farmer cooperatives.

Veterans Dental Care
To provide dental services.

Veterans Domiciliary Care
To provide residential care for ambulatory veterans disabled by age or illness who are not in need of acute hospitalization and who do not need the skilled nursing services provided in nursing homes. To rehabilitate the veteran in anticipation of...

Calibration Program
To provide a consistent system of physical measurement in the United States of America.

Employment Discrimination Private Bar Program
a) To assist individuals who have filed a charge with the Commission, or on whose behalf a charge has been filed, in contacting members of the private bar; (b) to provide technical assistance to aggrieved individuals and their attorneys in Title...

Planning Assistance to States
To cooperate with any State in the preparation of comprehensive plans for the development, utilization and conservation of water and related land resources of drainage basins located within the boundaries of such State.

Law Enforcement Assistance FBI Crime Laboratory Support
To provide forensic services to the FBI and any other duly constituted law enforcement agency; and provide technical and forensic assistance through research, training, technology transfer and access to information and forensic databases.

Plant Materials for Conservation
To assemble, evaluate, and promote the use of new and improved plant materials for soil, water, and related resource conservation and environmental improvement programs. To develop technology for land management and revegetation with plant...

Farm to School Training and Technical Assistance
The Farm to School program (10.575) exists in order to assist eligible entities, through grants and technical assistance, in implementing farm to school programs that improve access to local foods in eligible schools. Training and technical...

National Fire Plan - Rural Fire Assistance
To implement the National Fire Plan by increasing firefighter safety and enhancing the knowledge and fire protection capability of rural fire departments by providing assistance in education and training, protective clothing and equipment purchase,...

Office of Inspector General
Basic Research, Educational Outreach, or Training Opportunities in the area of Office of Inspector General.

Office of Inspector General funds (Treasury Account Symbol = 80-0109-0-1-252) will be used to fund NASA Federal Financial...


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