New Communities Federal Grants

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Community Economic Adjustment Assistance for Advance Planning and Economic Diversification
Assist State and local governments to lessen an area's dependence on defense expenditures by preparing economic diversification strategies, and contingency strategies and schematic land use plans for the potential redevelopment of a military...

Community Development Block Grants Section 108 Loan Guarantees
To provide communities with a source of financing for economic development, housing rehabilitation, public facilities, and large scale physical development projects.

Community-Based Child Abuse Prevention Grants
(1) To support community-based efforts to develop, operate, expand, and enhance, and coordinate initiatives, programs, and activities to prevent child abuse and neglect and to support the coordination of resources and activities to better strengthen...

General Research and Technology Activity
To carry out research, demonstration and program evaluation and monitoring projects of high priority and pre-selected by the Department to improve the operations of the Department's programs.

Rural Business Opportunity Grants
To promote sustainable economic development in rural communities with exceptional needs.

Cooperative Extension Service
GENERAL: [As reflected in Part I,B. of the Request for Applications (RFA) or Capacity Requests for Applications (Capacity RFA)] 1. Smith-Lever (3b) & (c) Capacity Grants (formerly known as Formula Funds) a) Cooperative Extension Programs at 1862...

Rural Community Development Initiative
To develop the capacity and ability of private, nonprofit community-based housing and community development organizations and low income rural communities to improve housing, community and economic development projects, and community facilities in...

Community Development Block Grants/Entitlement Grants
To develop viable urban communities by providing decent housing, a suitable living environment, and expanding economic opportunities, principally for persons of low and moderate income.

AmeriCorps grants are awarded to eligible organizations that identify an unmet need in their community that will be addressed by AmeriCorps members that the organization recruits, trains, and manages. An AmeriCorps member is an individual who is...

Demolition and Revitalization of Severely Distressed Public Housing
Revitalization Grants enable PHAs to improve the living environment for public housing residents of severely distressed public housing projects through the demolition, substantial rehabilitation, reconfiguration, and/or replacement of severely...

Community Development Block Grants/Special Purpose Grants/Insular Areas
To provide community development assistance to the Pacific Islands of American Samoa, Guam, the Northern Mariana Islands, and the Virgin Islands in the Caribbean, by providing decent housing, a suitable living environment, and expanding economic...

Human Genome Research
NHGRI supports the development of resources and technologies that will accelerate genome research and its application to human health and genomic medicine. A critical part of the NHGRI mission continues to be the study of the ethical, legal and...

Small Business Innovation Research
To stimulate technological innovation in the private sector, strengthen the role of small businesses in meeting Federal research and development needs, increase private sector commercialization of innovations derived from USDA-supported research and...

Community Development Financial Institutions Program
To promote economic revitalization and community development through investment in and assistance to Community Development Financial Institutions (CDFIs).

Indian Community Development Block Grant Program
The purpose of the Indian Community Development Block Grant (ICDBG) program is the development of viable Indian and Alaska Native communities, including the creation of decent housing, suitable living environments, and economic opportunities...

Indian Loans Economic Development
To provide assistance to Federally Recognized Indian Tribal Governments, Native American Organizations, and individual American Indians in obtaining financing from private sources to promote business development initiatives to improve the economies...

State Commissions
To develop a State plan, to assist States in the application process, and to provide oversight of funded AmeriCorps programs within each State. The funds enable States to form a 15 to 25 member, independent, bipartisan commission appointed by a...

Community Investment
To provide assistance authorized by statute.

Disposal of Federal Surplus Real Property
To assist State and local governments, and certain eligible (501(c)(3) tax-exempt status) non-profit organizations with acquiring surplus Federal real property for various public uses that benefit communities.

Intermediary Relending Program
To finance business facilities and community development.

State Energy Program
The purpose of this program is to increase market transformation of energy efficiency and renewable energy technologies through policies, strategies, and public-private partnerships that facilitate their adoption and implementation. It also...

Community Economic Adjustment Assistance for Realignment or Closure of a Military Installation
Assist States and local governments to: plan and carry out adjustment strategies; engage the private sector in order to plan and undertake community economic development and base redevelopment; and, partner with the Military Departments in response...

Donation of Federal Surplus Personal Property
To donate Federal personal property no longer required for Federal use to eligible nonfederal entities in order to maximize the use of Federal property

Community Economic Adjustment Assistance for Compatible Use and Joint Land Use Studies
Provide technical and financial assistance to state and local governments to plan and implement civilian actions necessary to alleviate and /or prevent incompatible civilian development and other civilian activities that are likely to impair the...

Training and Technical Assistance
To support the planning and delivery of regional training conferences that focus on strengthening and building the capacity of AmeriCorps programs and Senior Corps projects across the country.