Department of Agriculture Federal Grants

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Wood In Transportation Program
To provide funds, on a cost share basis, for the construction of demonstration modern timber bridges and modern timber bridge technology transfer projects. Primary focus is to assist in the development and commercialization of new technologies that...

Livestock Compensation Program
This program will provide immediate assistance to livestock producers in counties that have received primary disaster designation due to drought in 2001 and/or 2002.

Forestry Incentives Program
To bring private non-industrial forest land under intensified management; to increase timber production; to assure adequate supplies of timber; and to enhance other forest resources through a combination of public and private investments on the most...

Empowerment Zones Program
The purpose of this program is to provide for the establishment of empowerment zones and enterprise communities in rural areas to stimulate the creation of new jobs, particularly for the disadvantaged, long-term unemployed, and out migration, and to...

Tobacco Loss Assistance Program
This program defrays tobacco production costs and enhances producers and quota-holders solvency. In the short-term, the cost to the government roughly equals the benefits paid to the tobacco producers. In the long-term, to the extent that these...

Milk Income Loss Contract Program
To maintain and expand existing markets for dairy which are vital to the welfare of milk producers in the United States. Payments under this program will be limited to dairy operations that produced milk in the United States and commercially...

Nutrition Services Incentive
To improve the diets of the elderly and to increase the market for domestically produced foods acquired under surplus removal or price support operations.

Great Plains Conservation
To conserve and develop the Great Plains soil and water resources by providing technical and financial assistance to farmers, ranchers, and others in planning and implementing conservation practices.

Initiative for Future Agriculture and Food Systems
To fund competitive research, education, and extension grants to address critical and emerging agriculture issues.

National Rural Development Partnership
To improve the quality of life in rural America by supporting and maintaining a network of State Rural Development Councils (SRDCs) that create and facilitate cross-program collaborations.

Technical and Supervisory Assistance Grants
To assist low-income rural families in obtaining adequate housing to meet their family's needs and/or to provide the necessary guidance to promote their continued occupancy of already adequate housing. These objectives will be accomplished through...

Crop Disaster Program
The Acts authorizes the Secretary to provide disaster assistance to producers who suffered crop losses in the 2000 crop year because of adverse weather conditions. Disaster payment provisions apply if the crop could not be planted or production,...

Resource Conservation and Development
To encourage and improve the capability of State and local units of government and local nonprofit organizations in rural areas to plan, develop and carry out programs for resource conservation and development.

Renewable Energy Systems and Energy Efficiency Improvements Program
To create a program to make direct loans, loan guarantees, and grants to agricultural producers (farmers and ranchers) and rural small businesses to help reduce energy costs and consumption and help meet the nation's critical energy needs.

Forest Land Enhancement Program
With respect to the sustainable management of nonindustrial private forest and other rural lands suitable for sustainable forest management; provide technical and educational assistance; provide cost share for practices such as management plan...

Rural Abandoned Mine Program
To protect people and the environment from the adverse effects of past coal mining practices, and to promote the development of soil and water resources of unreclaimed mined lands.

Rural Business Enterprise Grants
To facilitate the development of small and emerging private business, industry, and related employment for improving the economy in rural communities.