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Air Force Academy Athletic Programs
To achieve and maintain United States Air Force Academy athletic program success through the operation of charitable, educational, and civic purposes.

Air Force Defense Research Sciences Program
To maintain technological superiority in the scientific areas relevant to Air Force needs; to prevent technological surprise to our nation and create it for our adversaries; to maintain a strong research infrastructure composed of Air Force...

Aquatic Plant Control
To provide for the cooperation of the Army Corps of Engineers with State and local government agencies in the control of obnoxious aquatic plants in rivers, harbors, and allied waters.

Arra Cooperative Agreements, New Mexico
To enable Native American Tribes to assist the US Army Corps of Engineers in carrying out any operation or maintenance activity associated with flood control projects located on tribal lands within the State of New Mexico.

Basic Scientific Research - Combating Weapons Of Mass Destruction
To support and stimulate basic, applied and advanced research and technology development at educational or research institutions, non-profit organizations, and commercial firms, which support the advancement of fundamental knowledge and...

Basic and Applied Scientific Research
To support and stimulate basic and applied research and technology at educational institutions, non-profits and other research organizations, which have potential for superiority in the improvement of naval operations, and to train and motivate...

Basic Scientific Research
To support basic research that is related to or has potential for leading to the improvement of Army programs or operations.

Basic, Applied, and Advanced Research in Science and Engineering
To: (1) Support basic, applied, or advanced research (technology development) in mathematical, physical, engineering, environmental, and life sciences, and other fields with good, long-term potential for contributing to technology for Department of...

Beach Erosion Control Projects
To control beach and shore erosion to public shores through projects not specifically authorized by Congress.

Centers For Academic Excellence
To enhance the recruitment and retention of an ethnically and culturally diverse intelligence community workforce with capabilities critical to the national security interests of the United States.

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