State Agency: Farm to School Program Training and Curricula


The overall goal of this project is for the selected applicant to conduct a needs assessment among producers in collaboration with State Agencies (SAs) and then plan, develop, design, promote, and ultimately execute and evaluate training(s) that use a tiered approach to equip SAs (including Departments of Education, Agriculture, or Health) and other potential training participants with the knowledge and skills necessary to train local producers to effectively engage in farm to school efforts.

General information about this opportunity
Last Known Status
Program Number
Federal Agency/Office
Food and Nutrition Service, Department of Agriculture
Type(s) of Assistance Offered
B - Project Grants
Program Accomplishments
Fiscal Year 2019 This is the first year that this funding opportunity is available thus there are no examples available.
The Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act of 2010 (HHFKA) amended Section 18 of the Richard B. Russell National School Lunch Act (NSLA) to establish a Farm to School program in order to assist eligible entities, through grants and technical assistance, in implementing farm to school programs that improve access to local foods in eligible schools., Title Richard B. Russell National School Lunch Act, Section 18, Public Law 115-141
Who is eligible to apply/benefit from this assistance?
Applicant Eligibility
The cooperative agreement is only open to accredited public or private academic institute of higher education, a research or training institution, or nonprofit or for-profit organizations. Special consideration will be given to applicants who have an established producer and State Agency network and/or have successfully implemented training initiatives with a producer on a national level. Please see the RFP for a full explanation of eligibility requirements.
Beneficiary Eligibility
Please see the RFP for additional information.
Beyond documents required in 2 CFR 200, applicants should be prepared to provide references from past relevant projects that demonstrate expertise, an organizational chart and resumes of position descriptions for vacant positions and key personnel. Please see the RFP for a full list of required documentation.
What is the process for applying and being award this assistance?
Pre-Application Procedure
Preapplication coordination is not applicable.
Application Procedure
This program is excluded from coverage under 2 CFR 200, Uniform Administrative Requirements, Cost Principles, and Audit Requirements for Federal Awards.
Award Procedure
The selecting official makes the final decision regarding which applicant shall be awarded. The selecting official reserves the right to determine whether or not to accept the panel's recommendation . FNS reserves the right to use this solicitation and competition to award additional grants in the next fiscal year should additional funds be made available.
September 26, 2018 to November 26, 2018 These are tentative deadlines. Please see the RFP for the most up to date information regarding opportunity open and close dates.
Approval/Disapproval Decision Time
From 90 to 120 days.
Not applicable.
Contingent upon agency approval
How are proposals selected?
Proposals have a series of required sections that have points assigned. Please see RFP for details. Following the initial screening process, FNS will assemble a panel to review and determine the technical merits of each application. The panel will evaluate the proposals based on how well they address the required application components and array the applications from highest to lowest score. The panel members will recommend applications for consideration for a grant award based on the evaluation scoring.
How may assistance be used?
Assistance may be used to develop a training targeted to providing state agencies with the tools necessary to support agricultural producers in selling local goods (meat, fish, grain, dairy, produce) to school food authorities.
What are the requirements after being awarded this opportunity?
Not applicable.
Not applicable.
Please see RFP for more information.
Other Assistance Considerations
Formula and Matching Requirements
Statutory formula is not applicable to this assistance listing.

Matching requirements are not applicable to this assistance listing.

MOE requirements are not applicable to this assistance listing.
Length and Time Phasing of Assistance
FNS anticipates awarding a cooperative agreement to an accredited public or private academic institute of higher learning, a research or training institution, or for-profit or nonprofit organization by January 2019. The anticipated period of performance of the cooperative agreement will be from February 2019 – September 2021. Method of awarding/releasing assistance: Letter.
Who do I contact about this opportunity?
Regional or Local Office
None/Not specified.
Headquarters Office
Farm to School Team
3101 Park Center Drive
Alexandria, VA 22302 USA
Phone: 703-457-7803
Financial Information
Account Identification
(Cooperative Agreements) FY 18$1,829,282.00; FY 19 FY 20 -
Range and Average of Financial Assistance
$1,000,000 - $2,000,000
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