Office of Housing-Federal Housing Commissioner Federal Grants

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Mortgage Insurance_Single Family Cooperative Housing
To provide insured financing for the purchase of the Corporate Certificate and Occupancy Certificate for a unit in a cooperative housing project. Ownership of the corporate certificate carries the right to occupy the unit located within the...

Mortgage Insurance_Growing Equity Mortgages
To provide a rapid principal reduction and shorter mortgage term by increasing payments over a 10-year period, thereby expanding housing opportunities to the homebuying public.

Mortgage Insurance-Two Year Operating Loss Loans, Section 223(d)
To insure a separate loan covering operating losses incurred during the first 2 years following the date of completion or any other 2-year period occurring within 10 years following the date of completion of a multifamily project with a HUD-insured...

Teacher Next Door Initiative
The program is designed to strengthen America's communities by encouraging public and private school teachers to live in low and moderate income neighborhoods.

Alaska Native/Native Hawaiian Institutions Assisting Communities
To assist Alaska Native/Native Hawaiian Institutions (AN/NHIs) of Higher Education expand their role and effectiveness in addressing community development needs in their localities, including neighborhood revitalization, housing, and economic...

Multifamily Assisted Housing Reform and Affordability Act
To retain critical affordable housing resources represented by the supply of FHA-insured Section 8 assisted housing and maintain it in good physical and financial condition while, at the same time, reducing the cost of the ongoing Federal subsidy. ...

Mortgage Insurance-Homes-Military Impacted Areas
To help families undertake home ownership in military impacted areas.

Multifamily Property Disposition
To manage and dispose of multifamily housing projects that are owned by the Secretary or that are subject to a mortgage held by the Secretary in a manner that is consistent with the National Housing Act; protect the financial interests of the...