Medical Countermeasure Systems Broad Agency Announcement


The Joint Program Executive Office for Chemical and Biological Defense (JPEO-CBD) is organized into five Joint Project Management Offices (JPMO), each responsible for specific commodity areas. General information on the JPEO-CBD and subordinate JPMOs can be obtained from the JPEO-CBD website at The medical CBRN countermeasures developed by the Joint Project Manager Medical Countermeasure Systems (JPM MCS) office directly support the current, near-term, and far-term challenges by providing the capability to prevent, diagnose and treat the effects of chemical, radiological and biological warfare agents. Mission areas and technical points of contact for the product management offices within the JPM MCS are shown in Section VII of this BAA. Proposals are sought from all eligible sources as specified herein, including educational institutions, nonprofit organizations, and private industry. This Broad Agency Announcement (BAA) provides general information, proposal preparation instructions, evaluation and selection criteria, and award administration. A. This BAA is intended to solicit pre-proposals for JPM MCS for: 1) Procurement Contracts, Grants and Cooperative Agreements: Awarded Procurement Contracts and Grants shall apply to those parts of development not related to the development of a specific system or hardware procurement based on the Technical Readiness Level limitations described herein. As to any resultant procurement contracts, this BAA is issued under the provisions of the Competition in Contracting Act of 1984 (P.L. 98-369), as implemented in the Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) Part 6.102 (d)(2) and in accordance with FAR35.016(a). a) The purpose of Procurement Contracts and Grants placed under this BAA is to identify the best available science, and as such, there are no set-asides associated with any awards resulting from this BAA. b) The general areas of interest for Procurement Contracts and Grants are described in the â₏œAreas of Interestâ₏ section of this BAA.

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Agency: Department of Defense
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Open Continuous until revised or discontinued.
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This program does not have cost sharing or matching requirements.
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Richard Totten
Grants Officer
Phone 3016192446
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