Department of the Interior Federal Grants

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Wildlife Restoration Program - Region 5
The Wildlife Restoration Program provides Federal grant funding to the 50 States, Commonwealths, and territories for the selection, restoration, rehabilitation, and improvement of wildlife habitat; wildlife management research; wildlife population...

Sport Fish Restoration Program - REGION 5
The Sport Fish Restoration Program provides Federal grant funding to the 50 States, Commonwealths, and territories of the United States of America for land acquisition, boating access development, research projects, operations and maintenance of...

Ethnographic Resource Study: Subsistence Fishing on the Potomac and Anacostia Rivers
This research will complete an ethnographic resource study to gather, evaluate and document non-recreational fishing practices in the Potomac and Anacostia Rivers in multiple parks in the National Capital Region.

NPS Cultural Resources Climate Change Strategy Development
The continuation of work will develop international context and summary sections for the Cultural Resource Strategy and coordinate document review and further development of all document sections in collaboration with NPS staff and relevant...

Vegetation Mapping: Field Guide to the Natural Plan Communities of the NCR
Continuation of developing the systematic taxonomy of plant communities and vegetation hierarchy that is the national standard for the US.

Bridging the Watershed Program
The Alice Ferguson Foundation (AFF) and the National Park Service (NPS) continue to work in partnership to deliver the Bridging the Watershed Program. Field studies for students and teacher/ ranger trainings are co-facilitated by the NPS and the...

Furthering Informal Education Activities in DOI
The National Park Service seeks to establish a collaborative relationship with the University of Maryland - College Pare in order to recruit, select and place UMD-CP student interns into Communications, Outreach, and Media Internships within the...

National Capital Region Cultural Resource Program, Support CR-GIS Spatial Data Development
Collaborate with NPS in reviewing 61 legacy Cultural Landscape Inventories to address information gaps and ensure compliance with the NPS Cultural Resource Spatial Data Transfer Standards.

Potomac River Gorge Environmental History and Historic Resource Study
Identify and evaluate resources to be used in the study; create support for the project among those people and organizations with a substantial interest in the Gorge; hold a workshop to discuss issues about the study of the Gorge; and create a...

National Wildlife Refuge Friends Grant Program
A sole source cooperative agreement with the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation to award capacity building, start-up, peer-to-peer mentoring, and project specific grants to dedicated National Wildlife Refuge Friends organization.

Inventory of Bat Community Composition and Monitoring for White-Nose Syndrome at Five NPS Units in Western PA
Conduct bat inventories and monitoring for White-Nose Syndrome (WNS) at 5 national park units within the Eastern Rivers and Mountain Network (ERMN) in Pennsylvania.

NPS Natural Resource Management Internship Program
Students will continue to have the opportunity to develop familiarity with the resources of eastern park units, NPS management policies and guidance, and NPS data systems through internships.

Development of a Sustainable Water Feature Management Plan with a Focus on Three Water Features in the National Capital Region
Continue the overall goal of this multiphase project is the development of a comprehensive sustainable guidance document for water feature throughout the National Park Service.

Advancing the Conserving the Future Vision in 2014
This program is devoted to new work on communications and outreach products that support collaboratove efforts to develop the urban Refuge Initiative in 2014. The program includes the creation of an urban website and visual media about urban refuges...

Hurricane Sandy
To support research and data collection complementary to continued USGS activities supporting recovery and restoration efforts related to Hurricane Sandy. This entry covers a variety of USGS assistance awards funded through the Disaster Relief...

21st Century Conservation Service Corps
Through this program, work and training opportunities are provided to young people and veterans in order to develop the next generation of lifelong conservation stewards and protect, restore and enhance America?s Great Outdoors.

Preservation and Analysis of NPS/NCR Museum Collections
Continuation of the project supporting internships for archiving, cataloging and processing museum collections housed at National Park Service Museum Resource Center (MRCE) and the various parks administered by the National Capital Region.

Partnership for the National Trail System
The Partnership for the National Trail System (PNTS) represent all the National Scenic and National Historic trails in the USA. It produces PATHWAYS, a newsletter which serves this uniques community of interest, which includes the Fish and Wildlife...

Internships in Resource Management in National Parks in Urbanizing Landscapes
Continuation - Interns will experience literature research and summary, data collection, analysis and synthesis, and assist with the creation of management guidelines to address issues facing natural and cultural resources in urbanizing landscapes...

The Potomac Heritage National Scenic Trail in Northern Virginia
Support coordination among and technical assistance to the member jurisdictions in the planning and development of Potomac Heritage National Scenic Trail segments within Northern Virginia.

Ethnographic Overview and Assessment at Harpers Ferry National Historical Park
Compiling ethnographic information about historical and contemporary peoples in the study area, documenting traditional associations between these peoples and the Park, and providing direction for future ethnographic research.

NHL Theme Study on Reconstruction
Theme Study on US Era of Reconstruction will analyze and summarize the history of the era, and identify and justify the significance of nationally significant sites, focusing on six themes: Civil Unrest/Violence; Black Institution Building;...

List of Classified Structure Update for CHOH and GWMP
Continuation of the inventory of existing structures to determine their condition and integrity based on National Register criteria for the Chesapeake and Ohio Canal National Historical Park and the George Washington Memorial Parkway.

Implementing the Avian Monitoring Protocol for the NPS Units of the National Capital Region Network
Continuation of the study to implement the National Capital Region Inventory and Monitoring Network bird monitoring protocol that will allow federal, state, and local resource managers to track and predict the impacts of land use changes on...

North American Intergovernmental Committee on Cooperation for Wilderness and Protected Areas Conservation Landscape Cosnervation Design Pilot Project
This is a single source opportunity to NatureServe to facilitate the work of the North American Committee on Wilderness and Protected areas, and to enable the National Wildlife Refuge System to better protect the resiliency of its wilderness and...