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IIP - American Spaces
American Spaces are publicly accessible facilities designed to build and strengthen relationships with foreign audiences, showcase American culture and values, and provide information about the United States in an environment that inspires dialogue....

Office of Security Affairs
The Office of Security Affairs in the Department of State’s Bureau of African Affairs (AF/SA) supports U.S. foreign policy goals in sub-Saharan Africa through a variety of programs and policies designed to bolster peace and security.

Public Transportation Emergency Relief Program
The Emergency Relief Program is intended to provide operating assistance and capital funding to aid recipients and sub-recipients in restoring public transportation service, and in repairing and reconstructing public transportation assets to a state...

Northern Border Regional Development
The Northern Border Regional Commission is a Federal-State governmental agency concerned with the economic well-being of the citizens, businesses, and communities within a thirty-six (36) county region of Maine, New Hampshire, New York, and Vermont....

HHS Programs for Disaster Relief Appropriations Act - Construction
As written in the Relief Appropriations Act of 2013, this program will fund disaster response and recovery, and other expenses directly related to Hurricane Sandy, which are in the FEMA-declared major disaster states, relevant to the following:

Historic Preservation Fund Grants to Provide Disaster Relief to Historic Properties Damaged by Hurricane Sandy
The purpose of this supplemental funding is to provide technical assistance and emergency repairs to historic and archeological resources impacted by Hurricane Sandy. Only hurricane-related damage is eligible for grant assistance. The NPS will rely...

Rural Capacity Building for Community Development and Affordable Housing Grants
Through funding of national non-profits with expertise in rural housing and community development, the Rural Capacity Building program enhances the capacity and ability of local governments, Indian tribes, housing development organizations, rural...

Reclamation Rural Water Supply Program
To provide the basic requirements and framework for conducting water and related resource feasibility studies in order to formulate, evaluate, and select project plans for implementation. The benefits will include improved consistency in the content...

Navajo-Gallup Water Supply Project
To provide financial assistance to design and construct portions of the Navajo-Gallup Water Supply Project (Project).

Crow Tribe Water Rights Settlement
To rehabilitate and improve the water diversion and delivery features of the Crow Irrigation Project (CIP). To plan, design and construct a new municipal, rural & industrial (MR&I) water system for the benefit of the Crow Tribe and its...

White Mountain Apache Tribe Rural Water System
Planning, engineering, design and construction of the Miner Flat Project.

New Mexico Rio Grande Basin Pueblos Irrigation Infrastructure Project
Rehabilitate and repair irrigation infrastructure of the Rio Grande Pueblos to conserve water and help address potential conflicts over water in the Rio Grande Basin.

Savage Rapids Pumping Plant Project
Provide limited funding to Grants Pass Irrigation District (Grants Pass ID) to address issues associated with federal construction of the Savage Rapids Pumping Plant.

Cultural Resources Management
As a steward of the Nation's natural and cultural heritage, the primary responsibility of the NPS is to preserve and protect park resources and values. The NPS actively manages cultural resources in the national park system to meet its statutory...

Soft Target Program for Overseas Schools
Improve physical security of overseas schools to deter or lessen the impact of terrorism and/or violent crime.

Passenger Rail Investment and Improvement (PRIIA) Projects for Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority (WMATA)
To assist in financing part of the capital and preventive maintenance projects included in the Capital Improvement Program approved by the Board of Directors of the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority. The grants are used to address...

Bus and Bus Facilities Formula Program
Provides capital funding to replace, rehabilitate and purchase buses and bus related equipment and to construct bus-related facilities.

Intermediary Loan Program
Three year pilot program in which SBA will make direct loans of up to $1 million at an interest rate of 1 percent to up to 20 nonprofit lending intermediaries each year, subject to the availability of funds. Term of ILP loans will be for a maximum...

Construction Support
To renovate existing research facilities and build new research facilities to meet basic and clinical space requirements, laboratory safety, biohazard containment, and animal care standards in order to support the facility demands of NIH research...

MCC Foreign Assistance for Overseas Programs
To provide United States assistance for global development through the Millennium Challenge Corporation; to provide such assistance in a manner that promotes economic growth and the elimination of extreme poverty and strengthens good governance,...

Foreign Public Health Construction
PHSA Section 307(b)(10) authorizes the award of grants or cooperative agreements to public or nonprofit private institutions or agencies in foreign countries to acquire, lease, construct, alter, or renovate facilities in their country in furtherance...

CNCS Disaster Response Cooperative Agreement
The Corporation for National and Community Services (CNCS) Disaster Response Program is an initiative with the Federal Emergency Management Administration (FEMA) through which national service programs provide support to communities affected by...

Community Wood Energy Program
Encourage the development of community wood energy plans and/or acquire or upgrade community wood energy systems.

Community Trade Adjustment Assistance
To assist communities impacted by trade with economic adjustment through the: (1) coordination of federal, State, and local resources; (2) creation of community-based development strategies; and (3) development and provision of programs that help...

Ocean Exploration
To explore the Earth’s largely unknown oceans in all their dimensions for the purpose of discovery and the advancement of knowledge, using state of the art technologies in evolutionary and revolutionary ways within Oceanic and Atmospheric Research...


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