Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Federal Grants

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Occupational Health and Surveillance Fatality Assessment and Control Evaluation
To (1) Recognize new hazards; (2) define the magnitude of the problem; (3) follow trends in incidence; (4) target exceptional hazardous workplaces for intervention; and (5) evaluate the effectiveness of prevention efforts. The goal of this program...

Cooperative Agreements to Support Comprehensive School Health Programs to Prevent the Spread of HIV and Other Important Health Problems
To improve the health and well-being of youth and prepare them to be healthy adults.

Occupational Safety and Health-Training Grants
To develop specialized professional and paraprofessional personnel in the occupational safety and health field with training in occupational medicine, occupational health nursing, industrial hygiene, and occupational safety.

Great Lakes Human Health Effects Research
To: (1) Build upon and amplify the results from past and on-going research in the Great Lakes basin; (2) develop information, databases and research methodology that will provide long-term benefit to human health effects research in the Great Lakes...

Health and Safety Programs for Construction Work
To support the development of health and safety programs for construction workers. The goal is to reduce the toll of occupational injuries and illnesses in the construction industry.

Surveillance of Hazardous Substance Emergency Events
To assist State health departments in developing a State-based surveillance system for monitoring hazardous substance emergency events. This surveillance system will allow the State health department to better understand the public health impact of...

Agricultural Health and Safety Programs
Centers for Agricultural Research: To address the research, education, and intervention activities that are unique to agriculture by establishing centers for agricultural research, education, and disease and injury prevention. Musculoskeletal: To...

Human Health Studies-Applied Research and Development
To solicit scientific proposals designed to answer public health questions arising from situations commonly encountered at hazardous waste sites. The objective of this research program is to fill gaps in knowledge regarding human health effects of...