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Statistical, Research, and Methodology Assistance
To make awards to, or conclude cooperative agreements with appropriate entities, including any Federal, State, or local governmental unit, or institution of higher education, to aid and promote statistical, research, and methodology activities...

Census Bureau Data Products
To provide statistical results of censuses, surveys, and other programs on the Internet, in printed reports, floppy discs, CD-ROMs, DVDs and online, and to provide maps showing area boundaries and codes.

Census Customer Services
To assist census data users in the access to and use of published and unpublished data through information provided in newsletters, on-line catalogs, conferences and training courses; design new informational and data products to meet user needs;...

Census Geography
To provide a computer generated set of maps for use in conducting censuses and surveys and for showing their results geographically; determine names and current boundaries of selected statistical areas; show these entities on a variety of maps;...

Census Intergovernmental Services
To provide technical and informational assistance to State and local governments.

Census Special Tabulations and Services
To provide customized tabulations from Census Bureau records in a variety of output forms to meet users' needs, and to conduct statistical surveys and special censuses, on a reimbursable basis.

Personal Census Search
To retrieve personal information from decennial records and provide an official census transcript to qualified individuals for proof of age, citizenship, family relationships, or satisfy other situations where a birth certificate is required but not...


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