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Body Worn Camera Policy and Implementation
Goal: Funding under the program is intended to support law enforcement agencies seeking to establish or expand comprehensive Body-Worn Camera (BWC) programs and have specified plans to implement this technology in a manner that maximizes the...

Federal Historic Preservation Tax Incentive
Commonly known as the Rehabilitation Tax Credit or the Historic Tax Credit, the program provides a 20-percent federal tax credit to property owners who undertake a substantial rehabilitation of a historic building in a business or income-producing...

Strengthening Tribal Nations
To provide funding to advance nation-to-nation relationships, support Indian families and protect Indian country, support sustainable stewardship of trust resources, and advance Indian education.

Transition Assistance – Entrepreneurship Track (Boots to Business)
Boots to Business (B2B) grant/cooperative agreement funding enables eligible organizations to provide follow-on online entrepreneurship training, information and resources, and domestic and global delivery of the B2B two-day Introduction to...

National Fire Plan-Wildland Urban Interface Community Fire Assistance
To implement the National Cohesive Wildland Fire Management Strategy and assist communities at risk from catastrophic wildland fires by providing assistance in the following areas: Implementation of community programs that develop and enhance local...

National Fire Plan-Wildland Urban Interface Community Fire Assistance
To implement the National Fire Plan and assist communities at risk from catastrophic wildland fires by providing assistance in the following areas: community programs that develop local capability including; assessment and planning, mitigation...

Mississippi National River and Recreation Area State and Local Assistance
The Mississippi National River and Recreation Area is rich with historical and cultural stories. This program provides assistance and/or funds to enhance partner organization planning for and interpretation of non-Federal publicly owned lands within...

Market Protection and Promotion
The Federal Seed Program prevents mislabeled seed from moving in interstate commerce by providing for random sampling of seeds to insure accurate labeling of seed characteristics. The Pesticide Data Program works with participating States to collect...

Endangered Species on Indian Lands
To comply with the Endangered Species Act, the Northern Spotted Owl Recovery plan, and to implement the Endangered Species Recovery on Indian lands.

Marketing Agreements and Orders
Marketing Agreements and Orders are designed to stabilize market conditions and improve returns to producers through the establishment of minimum prices, regulating the quality and quantity of commodities sold through commercial channels, and...

Technical Assistance to Cooperatives
To develop and administer research, technical assistance, statistical, and educational programs on finances, organization, management, legal, social, and economic aspects of rural cooperatives, focusing on farmer cooperatives.

Agriculture on Indian Lands
To protect and restore the agricultural (cropland and rangeland) resources on trust lands and facilitate the development of renewable agricultural resources.

Airport Improvement Program, COVID-19 Airports Programs, and Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act Programs
The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has several strategic goals: Safety, People, Global Leadership, and Operational excellence. The FAA Office of Airports (ARP) grant programs described in this listing contribute to these goals, as outlined in...

Microloan Program
To assist women, low-income, and minority entrepreneurs, business owners, and other individuals possessing the capability to operate successful business concerns and to assist small business concerns in those areas suffering from a lack of credit...

Mine Health and Safety Counseling and Technical Assistance
To improve conditions of health and safety in and around coal, metal and nonmetallic mines and mineral processing facilities through technical advice, special studies, investigations, and development of mine health and safety programs.

Transportation Services
The Transportation Services program develops and promotes efficient agriculture transportation systems to help improve farm income, expand exports and meet the needs of rural America. The program provides technical and administrative direction,...

National Archives Reference Services Historical Research
Objectives: To provide professional reference service to members of the general public and employees of the Federal government who are conducting research in Federal records or in historical materials in Presidential Libraries; provide advice and...

Forestry on Indian Lands
To maintain, protect, enhance, and develop Indian forest resources through the execution of forest management activities.

National Historic Landmark
The Secretary of the Interior, through the National Park Service, for the purpose of effectuating the policy established by the Historic Sites Act of 1935, has the following powers and performs the following duties and functions: a) preserve for...

Vocational and Educational Counseling for Servicemembers and Veterans
To offer vocational and educational counseling to service members within 180 days of their projected discharge or release from active duty and to veterans within one year from the date of their discharge or release from active duty. This counseling...

Indian Job Placement United Sioux Tribes Development Corporation
To provide job development, counseling, social adjustment guidance, and referrals to job training programs and other assistance programs through the United Sioux Tribes Development Corporation, located in Pierre, South Dakota.

Promotion of the Arts Partnership Agreements
To develop and maintain partnerships with the state and jurisdictional arts agencies (SAAs) and their regional arts organizations (RAOs) to advance the mission of the National Endowment for the Arts. Partnerships with the SAAs and RAOs enable the...

Water Resources on Indian Lands
To support Indian tribes in the effective and efficient management, planning, and use of their water resources.

Watershed Protection and Flood Prevention
To provide technical and financial assistance in carrying out works of improvement to protect, develop, and utilize the land and water resources in watersheds.

Watershed Rehabilitation Program
To provide technical and financial assistance to rehabilitate dams originally constructed with assistance of USDA Watershed Programs. Rehabilitation must extend the life of the dam and meet applicable safety and performance standards. Priority is...


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