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Scholarships for Health Professions Students from Disadvantaged Backgrounds
The Scholarships for Disadvantaged Students (SDS) program increases diversity in the health professions and nursing workforce by providing awards to eligible health professions schools for use in awarding scholarships to students from disadvantaged...

Education and Human Resources
To provide leadership and ensure the vitality of the Nation's science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) education enterprise. The Education and Human Resources (EHR) component of the National Science Foundation sponsors programs that...

Indian Vocational Training United Tribes Technical College
To provide vocational training to individual American Indians through the United Tribes Technical College, located in Bismarck, North Dakota.

Clinical Research Loan Repayment Program for Individuals from Disadvantaged Backgrounds
To recruit and retain health professionals from disadvantaged backgrounds to conduct clinical research at the National Institutes of Health (NIH) by providing for the repayment of educational loans for participants with substantial amounts of...

Promotion of the Humanities Research
To advance knowledge and understanding of the humanities, and strengthen the intellectual foundations of the humanities through the collaboration of scholars and the support of post-doctoral fellowship programs at independent research institutions.

Indian Post Secondary Schools
To provide postsecondary educational opportunities for American Indian Students.

Promotion of the Humanities Fellowships and Stipends
Fellowships and Summer Stipends provide support for scholars to undertake full-time independent research and writing in the humanities. Grants are available for 6-to12-month fellowships and two months of summer study. Awards for Faculty programs...

Indian Graduate Student Scholarships
To provide financial aid to eligible Indian students to enable them to obtain advanced degrees.

Centers for International Business Education
To provide a comprehensive university approach to improve the teaching of international business by bringing together faculty from numerous disciplines and to engage in research to promote the international competitiveness of U.S. business.

Promotion of the Arts Grants to Organizations and Individuals
To support public engagement with, and access to, various forms of excellent art across the nation; the creation of art that meets the highest standards of excellence; learning in the arts at all stages of life; the integration of the arts into the...

Indian Education Higher Education Grant
To provide financial aid to eligible Indian students to enable them to attend accredited institutions of higher education.

Smithsonian Institution Fellowship Program
Fellowships are offered by the Smithsonian Institution to provide opportunities for graduate students, predoctoral students, and postdoctoral and senior investigators to conduct research in association with members of the Smithsonian professional...

Business and International Education Projects
To promote innovation and improvement in international business education curricula at institutions of higher education (IHEs) and promote linkages between IHEs and the business community.

National Institute on Disability and Rehabilitation Research
To support and coordinate research and its utilization in order to improve the lives of people of all ages with physical and mental disabilities, especially persons with severe disabilities, through: (1) identifying and eliminating causes and...

Advanced Education Nursing Traineeships
Grants are awarded to eligible institutions to provide financial support through traineeships for registered nurses enrolled in programs pursuing advanced degrees as primary care nurse practitioners (NP) or nurse-midwives.

Health Administration Traineeships and Special Projects Program
This program was developed to support eligible students enrolled in accredited graduate programs in health administration, hospital administration, or health policy analysis and planning. Applicants are encouraged to use the traineeships to...

Harry S Truman Scholarship Program
To honor former President Harry S Truman through the operation of an education scholarship program, financed by a permanent trust fund endowment, to develop increased opportunities for young Americans to prepare for and pursue careers in public...

Woodrow Wilson Center Fellowships in the Humanities and Social Sciences
The Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars was established by Congress to symbolize and strengthen "the fruitful relationship between the world of learning and the world of public affairs." It aims, in a strictly nonpartisan...

Morris K. Udall Fellowship Program
To honor former Arizona Congressman Morris K. Udall through the operation of internship, scholarship, and fellowship programs, financed by a permanent trust fund endowment, to develop increased opportunities for young Americans to prepare for and...

Geriatric Training for Physicians, Dentists and Behavioral/Mental Health Professionals
Grants are given for faculty training projects in geriatric medicine, geriatric dentistry, and geriatric behavioral or mental health. The purpose of this grant program is to provide support, including fellowships, for geriatric training projects to...

Javits Fellowships
To provide fellowships for graduate study in the arts, humanities, and social sciences to individuals of superior ability selected on the basis of demonstrated achievement, financial need, and exceptional promise. Fellowships are awarded to...

James Madison Memorial Fellowship Program
To strengthen secondary school teaching of the principles, framing, and development of the U.S. Constitution; to contribute to a deeper understanding of American government and to foster in both teachers and students the spirit of civic...

Prevention and Public Health Fund (PPHF) Public Health Traineeships
To provide traineeship support to cover the costs associated with tuition, fees, stipends and allowances ( including travel, subsistence expenses and dependency allowances) for students pursuing graduate training or specialized education in six core...

Christopher Columbus Fellowship Program
To encourage and support research, study, and labor designed to produce new discoveries in all fields of endeavor for the benefit of mankind.

Byrd Honors Scholarships
To provide scholarships to support postsecondary education to outstanding high school seniors who show promise of continued academic achievement in an effort to recognize and promote student excellence and achievement.