Next Generation Star Tracker Phase 0


The purpose of this study is to conduct technical, business, marketing and programmatic analysis of the market for a Next Generation Star Tracker System. Specifically, the Title III Program Office is interested in determining the feasibility of producing a modular, Next Generation Star Tracker Systems (NGSTS) that uses domestically-produced Complementary Metal Oxide Semiconductor (CMOS) detectors. Efforts envisioned during this study include: analysis of current star tracker manufacturing capabilities; analysis of future technical capabilities needed to meet the needs of the star tracker market (domestic and international, USG and commercial); analysis of NGSTS capabilities using state-of-the-art detector capabilities such as those resulting from Defense Production Act Title III Advanced CMOS Capability Project; proposed architecture options for creating a system of star trackers; creation of a draft technical plan and schedule, with (non-binding) high-level cost projections, to establish production capabilities for a NGSTS; identification and analysis of the markets for a modular NGSTS; and identification of business strategies for success in the NGSTS market. It is anticipated that the technical product of this study will be used to create a draft systems requirement document for a NGSTS.

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Deleted 03/27/2013 (Archived.)
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Agency: Department of Defense
Office: Department of the Air Force, Research Lab
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Solicitations shall be restricted to domestic sources as defined in the Defense Production Act of 1950: “A business concern that performs in the United States or Canada substantially all of the research and development, engineering, manufacturing, and production activities required of such business concern under a contract with the United States relating to a critical component or a critical technology item; and that procures from business concerns (described as above) substantially all of any components and assemblies required under a contract with the United States relating to a critical component or critical technology item.
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This program does not have cost sharing or matching requirements.
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