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Clean Vessel Act
This program provides funding to States, the District of Columbia, Commonwealths, and territories for the construction, renovation, operation, and maintenance of sewage pumpout stations, waste reception facilities, and pumpout boats for recreational...

Community Facilities Loans and Grants
To construct, enlarge, extend, or otherwise improve community facilities providing essential services to rural residents.

Construction Reserve Fund
To promote the construction, reconstruction, reconditioning, or acquisition of merchant vessels built and documented under the laws of the United States for purposes of national defense and the development of U.S. commerce.

Federal Ship Financing Guarantees
To provide competitive financing through the issuance of guarantees of debt issued for the purpose of financing or refinancing the construction, reconstruction or reconditioning of vessels built in United States shipyards and guarantee obligations...

Fisheries Finance Program
Provides direct loans for certain fisheries costs. Vessel financing available for the purchase of used vessels or the reconstruction of vessels (limited to reconstructions that do not add to fishing capacity). Refinancing available for existing debt...

Fishermen's Guaranty Fund
To provide for reimbursement of losses incurred as a result of the seizure of a U.S. commercial fishing vessel by a foreign country on the basis of rights or claims in territorial waters or on the high seas, which are not recognized by the United...

Marine Sanctuary Program
To provide educational and outreach to the citizens of the United States of America on ocean conservation, marine sanctuaries ,and marine protected areas through numerous competitive and non-competitive grants to private foundations, local public...

Maritime Security Fleet Program or Ship Operations Cooperation Program
The MSP helps sustain a fleet of 60 active, commercially viable, militarily useful, privately-owned vessels operating under U.S. registry to meet national defense and other security requirements. Participating operators are required to make their...

Maritime War Risk Insurance
To provide war risk insurance to U.S.-flag and foreign vessels whenever it appears to the Secretary of Transportation that adequate insurance for waterborne commerce cannot be obtained on reasonable terms and conditions from commercial companies.

National Maritime Heritage Grants
To provide matching grants for preservation or education projects that foster a greater awareness and appreciation of the role of maritime endeavors in America?s history and culture. The grants will help State, Tribal, and local governments and...

Port Security Grant Program (ARRA)
To create a sustainable program for the protection of regulated ports from terrorism, with one priority on construction projects which address the most significant risks and can also be completed in a timely fashion.

Shipping_Dispute Resolution and Investigation of Complaints
To provide assistance to those engaged in international ocean shipping, including those making household goods shipments. Assistance may include helping locate missing cargo and helping resolve issues with respect to costs or service. To provide a...

Navigation Projects
To provide the most practicable and economic means of fulfilling the needs of general navigation, through projects not specifically authorized by Congress.

Protection, Clearing and Straightening Channels
To restore channels for purposes of navigation or flood control.


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