DoD Peer Reviewed Cancer Horizon Award


New for FY15, the Horizon Award supports junior level scientists to conduct impactful research with the mentorship of an experienced cancer researcher (i.e., Mentor). The Horizon Award challenges junior scientists to develop and implement research in the cancer field. This opportunity allows for junior investigators to develop a research project, investigate a problem or question in the field of cancer, and further their intellectual development as a cancer researcher of the future. Under this award mechanism, the junior investigator is considered the Principal Investigator (PI), and the application should focus on the PIâ₏™s research and career development. It should be clear that the proposed research is intellectually designed by the PI with assistance from the Mentor. Preliminary data are not required. However, logical reasoning and a sound scientific rationale for the proposed research must be demonstrated. Clinical trials will not be supported by this mechanism. Key elements of the award are as follows: â₏¢ Principal Investigator (PI): Both predoctoral candidates and postdoctoral fellows are eligible according to the following definitions: â—‹ Predoctoral candidate: Must have successfully completed coursework and passed any qualifying examinations by the time of the application submission deadline. The predoctoral candidate should be within two years of his/her acceptance as a DoD FY15 Peer Reviewed Cancer Horizon Award 5 doctoral candidate, completed all laboratory rotations, and should be working in his/her Mentorâ₏™s laboratory at the time of the application submission deadline. â—‹ Postdoctoral fellow: Must be within three years of his/her terminal degree (excluding time in residency or on family medical leave) and working in the Mentorâ₏™s laboratory at the time of the application submission deadline. The PIâ₏™s record of accomplishments (including but not limited to publications, awards, research recognition) will be evaluated regarding his/her potential for contributing to the FY15 PRCRP Topic Area(s) the proposed research addresses. To be considered for funding, applications for the PRCRP Horizon Award must address at least one of the Topic Areas as directed by Congress. Research applications in the areas of breast, prostate, lung (excluding mesothelioma), or ovarian cancer will not be accepted. The FY15 PRCRP Topic Areas are listed below. â₏¢ Colorectal cancer â₏¢ Genetic cancer research â₏¢ Kidney cancer â₏¢ Listeria vaccine for cancer â₏¢ Liver cancer (New for FY15) â₏¢ Melanoma and other skin cancers â₏¢ Mesothelioma â₏¢ Myeloproliferative disorders â₏¢ Neuroblastoma â₏¢ Pancreatic cancer â₏¢ Stomach cancer (New for FY15)

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Deleted 10/29/2015 (Archived.)
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Agency: Department of Defense
Office: U.S. Army Medical Research Acquisition Activity
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Cooperative Agreement, Grant
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This program does not have cost sharing or matching requirements.
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Headquarters Office
CDMRP Help Desk
Phone: 301-682-5507
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