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Intermediary Relending Program
To finance business facilities and community development.

Surplus Property Utilization
To convey or lease all surplus Federal real properties made available by the disposal agency which are needed and usable by eligible organizations and institutions to carry out health programs, including homeless assistance programs.

Community Investment
To provide assistance authorized by statute.

Technical Preservation Services
The Technical Preservation Services office (TPS) of the National Park Service provides standards, guidance, technical preservation information, and assistance on preserving and rehabilitating historic buildings, including the "Secretary of the...

Community Economic Adjustment Assistance for Realignment or Closure of a Military Installation
Assist States and local governments to: plan and carry out adjustment strategies; engage the private sector in order to plan and undertake community economic development and base redevelopment; and, partner with the Military Departments in response...

Community Economic Adjustment Assistance for Compatible Use and Joint Land Use Studies
Provide technical and financial assistance to state and local governments to plan and implement civilian actions necessary to alleviate and /or prevent incompatible civilian development and other civilian activities that are likely to impair the...

Training and Technical Assistance
To support the planning and delivery of regional training conferences that focus on strengthening and building the capacity of AmeriCorps programs and Senior Corps projects across the country.

Community Facilities Loans and Grants
To construct, enlarge, extend, or otherwise improve community facilities providing essential services to rural residents.

Middle East Partnership Initiative
The U.S.-Middle East Partnership Initiative supports organizations and individuals in their efforts to promote political, economic, and social engagement in the Middle East and North Africa.

Community Food Projects
To support the development of community food projects designed to meet the food needs of low-income people; increase the self-reliance of communities in providing for their own needs; and promote comprehensive responses to local food, farm, and...

Mortgage Insurance Housing in Older, Declining Areas
To assist in the purchase or rehabilitation of housing in older, declining urban areas.

National Center for Preservation Technology and Training
The purposes of the Center shall be to? (1) develop and distribute preservation and conservation skills and technologies for the identification, evaluation, conservation, and interpretation of historic property; (2) develop and facilitate training...

Community Services Block Grant
To provide assistance to States and local communities, working through a network of community action agencies and other neighborhood-based organizations, for the reduction of poverty, the revitalization of low-income communities, and the empowerment...

Native American Programs
The purpose of the Social and Economic Development Strategies (SEDS) program is to promote economic and social self-sufficiency for American Indians, Alaska Natives, Native Hawaiians, and Native American Pacific Islanders from American Samoa, Guam,...

Community Partners in Suicide Prevention
Conduct outreach and education efforts around mental health, substance use disorders, traumatic brain injury, and suicide prevention. At the conclusion of this pilot, evaluate program effectiveness and impact and produce a report to Congress.

Community Trade Adjustment Assistance
To assist communities impacted by trade with economic adjustment through the: (1) coordination of federal, State, and local resources; (2) creation of community-based development strategies; and (3) development and provision of programs that help...

Financial Education and Counseling Pilot Program
To provide a range of financial education and counseling services to prospective homebuyers; to identify successful methods resulting in positive behavioral change for financial empowerment; and to establish program models for organizations to...

Recovery Act - VOCA Crime Victim Assistance Discretionary Grant Program
The objective of the Office for Victims of Crime (OVC) Recovery Act VOCA Crime Victim Assistance Discretionary Grant Program is to improve the capacity of victim service providers and allied practitioners in advancing rights and services for crime...

Recovery Act - Correctional Facilities On Tribal Lands
The Recovery Act - Correctional Facilities on Tribal Lands Program provides resources to allow eligible American Indian tribes and Alaska Native villages to construct correctional facilities on tribal lands, with consideration given to the detention...

Statewide Family Engagement Centers
To provide financial support to statewide organizations that conduct parent education and family engagement programs or provide technical assistance to State and local educational agencies to support family-school partnerships.

Rural Business Enterprise Grants
To facilitate the development of small and emerging private business, industry, and related employment for improving the economy in rural communities.

Rural Development, Forestry, and Communities
To help rural areas analyze and assess forest resource opportunities, maximize local economic potential through market development and expansion, and diversify communities' economic base.

International Research and Studies
To improve foreign language, area, and other international studies training through support of research, studies, development of specialized instructional materials, and the publication of specialized materials developed as a result of research...

Community Relations Service
To provide free Federal conciliation and mediation services to communities in preventing and resolving community tensions, conflicts, and civil disorders arising from actions, policies, and practices that are perceived to be based on race,...


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