Agriculture Commodities Federal Grants

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Tobacco Transition Payment Program
The Fair and Equitable Tobacco Reform Act of 2004 repeals the federal tobacco price support/production control program, provides compensation payments to tobacco quota owners for the elimination of their government-created asset (quota), and...

John Ogonowski Farmer-to-Farmer Program
Improve global food production and marketing by transferring technical skills of the U.S. agricultural community to farmers in participating countries. The purpose of the program is to assist farmers in increasing food production and distribution,...

Ocean Freight Reimbursement Program (OFR)
Reimburses registered U.S. private voluntary organizations (PVOs) to ship commodities overseas for use in privately funded development and humanitarian assistance programs.

Agricultural Statistics Reports
To formulate, develop, and administer programs for collecting and publishing statistics related to agriculture, resources, and rural communities.
To assist rural communities to create prosperity so they are self sustaining, repopulating and...

Direct and Counter-cyclical Payments Program
To provide income support to eligible producers of covered commodities.

Meat, Poultry, and Egg Products Inspection
To assure that all meat, poultry and egg products produced in plants and shipped in commerce are federally inspected for safety, wholesomeness, and proper labeling.

Marketing Agreements and Orders
Marketing Agreements and Orders are designed to stabilize market conditions and improve returns to producers through the establishment of minimum prices, regulating the quality and quantity of commodities sold through commercial channels, and...

Market News
To provide timely and accurate information on prices, demand, movement, volume, and quality on all major U.S. agricultural commodities.

Food for Progress
The Food for Progress program provides for the donation of U.S. agricultural commodities to developing countries and emerging democracies that are committed to introducing or expanding free enterprise in their agricultural economies. Donated...

Cooperative Agreements with States for Intrastate Meat and Poultry Inspection
To supply Federal assistance to States desiring to operate a meat and poultry inspection program in order to assure the consumer an adequate supply of safe, wholesome, and properly labeled meat and poultry products.

Commodity Loans and Loan Deficiency Payments
To improve and stabilize farm income, to assist in bringing about a better balance between supply and demand of the commodities, and to assist farmers in the orderly marketing of their crops.

Commodity Futures Reparations Claims
To respond to customer complaints and inquiries and to provide a forum for hearing and ruling on reparations complaints against registrants regarding monetary damages resulting from violation of the Commodity Exchange Act or regulations.

Peanut Quota Buyout Program
To terminate the marketing quota program for peanuts and offer compensation to the peanut quota holders for losses in quota asset value. The 2002 Farm Bill repeals part IV of subtitle B of Title III of the Agricultural Adjustment Act of 1938,...

Commodity Partnerships for Small Agricultural Risk Management Education Sessions
To deliver training and information during small sessions in the management of production, marketing, and financial risk to U.S. agricultural producers, with a priority to producers of crops not insurable with Federal crop insurance, specialty...

Dairy Market Loss Assistance Program
The purpose of this program is to provide benefits to dairy operations under Public Law 105-277, 112 Stat. 2681; Sections 805 and 825 of Public Law 106-78; and section 805 of Public Law 106-387 only, in order to provide financial assistance to dairy...

Section 416(b)
U.S. agriculture commodities are provided to developing and friendly countries to carry out programs of assistance.

Bioenergy Program
The goals of the Bioenergy Program are to encourage increased purchases of eligible commodities for the purpose of expanding production of such bioenergy and support new production capacity for such bioenergy.

Bill Emerson Humanitarian Trust
To provide for a Trust solely to meet emergency humanitarian food needs in developing countries, the Secretary of Agriculture shall establish a trust stock of wheat, rice, corn, or sorghum, or any combination of the commodities, totaling not more...


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