Individual Federal Grants

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8(a) Business Development
To foster business ownership by individuals who are both socially and economically disadvantaged; and to promote the competitive viability of such firms by providing business development assistance including, but not limited to, management and...

Abandoned Mine Land Reclamation (AMLR) Program
To protect the public, health, safety and general welfare, and restore land, water and environmental resources affected by coal and noncoal mining practices that occurred prior to August 3, 1977.

Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome (AIDS) Activity
To develop and implement HIV prevention programs of public information and education.

Adjustable Rate Mortgages
To provide mortgage insurance for an adjustable rate mortgage which offers lower than market interest rate initially but the loan term may rise later. The loan structure provides built-in limits or safeguards for both consumers and lenders,...

Adult Education-National Leadership Activities
To support applied research, development, demonstration, dissemination, evaluation, and related activities that contribute to the improvement of adult education and literacy activities nationally.

Advanced Education Nursing Grant Program
Grants are awarded to eligible institutions for projects that support the enhancement of advanced nursing education and practice including master's and doctoral programs, combined RN master's degree programs, and post-nursing master's certificate...

Advanced Technology Program
To work in partnership with industry to foster the development and broad dissemination of challenging, high-risk technologies that offer the potential for significant, broad-based economic benefits for the nation.

Aerospace Education Services Program
Basic Research, Educational Outreach, or Training Opportunities in the area of Science.

Science funds (Treasury Account Symbol = 80 0120-0-1-252) will be used to fund NASA Federal Financial Assistance awards with institutions of...

African Elephant Conservation
To provide financial assistance to support projects that will enhance sustainable conservation programs to ensure effective, long-term conservation of African elephants. The African Elephant Conservation Fund supports projects that promote...

Aging Research
To encourage biomedical, social, and behavioral research and research training directed toward greater understanding of the aging process and the diseases, special problems, and needs of people as they age. The National Institute on Aging has...