US-Egypt Learning Program


The purpose of this solicitation is to provide targeted technical assistance and training support to the Government of Egypt to enable it to effectively implement a sustainable, nation-wide early grade learning (reading and mathematics) as well as develop an approach for improving the instruction of English in primary school. Over the last three years, the Ministry of Education has demonstrated strong commitment to design and scale up an Early Grade Reading Program (EGRP) that was developed in 2010 under a USAID-funded program (GILO – Girls for Improved Learning Outcomes). Most recently the Ministry of Education (MOE) has decided to incorporate a mathematics component in the early grade reading program. At the same time, the Ministry would like to improve the instruction of English. Given the Ministry’s strong commitment and experience, it is expected to take the lead in the US-Egypt Learning Program. The role of the grantee will be a supportive one. The grantee will solidify and build on the EGRP strategies and approaches introduced by GILO, and expand them to be fully institutionalized. Specifically the grantee will collaborate with the MOE to: (1) Strengthen early grade reading instruction, and improve mathematics and English language teaching and learning materials and instructional approaches (2) Develop cost-effective national assessments for reading and mathematics as well and monitoring and reporting systems. (3) Institutionalize pre-service and in-service professional development systems for early grade teachers and supervisors. (4) Improve the education delivery system and build the capacity of Governorate and Idara (district) teams to develop and implement education plans that include budgets for early grade learning, incentives, and needed human resources.

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Agency: Agency for International Development
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Cooperative Agreement
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Full and Open competition
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There is no close date as it is just a draft PD. USAID/Egypt will not respond to any questions nevertheless, all comments are welcomed.
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This program has cost sharing or matching requirements.
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Headquarters Office
Sherine Gerguis
Phone 202-25226925
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Awards up to $20,000.00


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