Southwest Border Resource Protection Program


Provide financial assistance to educational institutions, nonprofit organizations, tribes, and local and state agencies to improve resource stewardship, achieve international cooperation, provide meaningful interpretation and conduct scientific research, which will lead to increased appreciation and understanding of our shared natural and cultural heritage along our international border with Mexico.

General information about this opportunity
Last Known Status
Program Number
Federal Agency/Office
National Park Service, Department of The Interior
Type(s) of Assistance Offered
B - Project Grants
Program Accomplishments
Fiscal Year 2019 Eight (8) new project were funded through the competitive Notice of Funding Opportunity.
Fiscal Year 2022 16 award actions in the amount of $464,516 awarded to borderlands national park units and their partners both in the U.S. and Mexico
54 U.S.C. §101702(a) Cooperative Agreements, Transfer of Service Appropriated Funds
54 U.S.C. §100703 Cooperative Study Units
54 U.S.C. §101702(b) Cooperative Agreements, Cooperative Research and Training Programs
Who is eligible to apply/benefit from this assistance?
Applicant Eligibility
States, municipal, tribal governments, along with non-profit entities and institutes of higher education may apply.
Beneficiary Eligibility
Not applicable.
Not applicable.
What is the process for applying and being award this assistance?
Pre-Application Procedure
Preapplication coordination is not applicable.
Application Procedure
This program is excluded from coverage under 2 CFR 200, Uniform Administrative Requirements, Cost Principles, and Audit Requirements for Federal Awards.
Award Procedure
Recipients will be chosen as set forth in the Notice of Funding Opportunity. Funds are provided through cooperative agreements.
Contact the headquarters or regional location, as appropriate for application deadlines
Approval/Disapproval Decision Time
From 120 to 180 days.
Not applicable.
Not applicable.
How are proposals selected?
Selection criteria are outlined in the annual Notice of Funding Opportunity posted to
How may assistance be used?
Several National Parks located along the U.S. border with Mexico have recently experienced serious resource damage due to illegal cross border activities including drug traffickers and undocumented persons traversing the parks. Other national park units within the desert southwest have also experienced impacts to their natural and cultural resources. Thousands of miles of unauthorized roads and trails have been created, major ecological processes and the migration patterns of wildlife have been disrupted, important historic sites have been vandalized, and archaeological sites have been looted. Program funding is available for conducting scientific research and monitoring of species, as well as conservation, interpretation and preservation projects designed to help protect and preserve natural and cultural resources located near or along our international border.
What are the requirements after being awarded this opportunity?
Not applicable.
Not applicable.
Records retention is set forth in 2 CFR, Part 200.
Other Assistance Considerations
Formula and Matching Requirements
Statutory formula is not applicable to this assistance listing.

Matching is voluntary.

MOE requirements are not applicable to this assistance listing.
Length and Time Phasing of Assistance
Not applicable Recipient receive funding through release request to the ASAP system.
Who do I contact about this opportunity?
Regional or Local Office
None/Not specified.
Headquarters Office
Krista Muddle
129 W. Alameda Parkway
Lakewood, CO 80225 USA
Phone: (303)969-2356
Financial Information
Account Identification
(Cooperative Agreements) FY 22$464,516.00; FY 23 est $510,000.00; FY 24 est $550,000.00; FY 21$286,538.00; FY 20$0.00; FY 19$331,499.00; -
Range and Average of Financial Assistance
$10,000 - $50,000
Regulations, Guidelines and Literature
Not applicable.
Examples of Funded Projects
Fiscal Year 2019 Projects funded include documentation of cultural resources, preservation of cultural resources, interpretation projects promoting information sharing. All project occur in parks located along the US/Mexico border.
Fiscal Year 2021 This program was introduced in 2020 and current projects to be funded in FY 2021 will be chosen through a competitive award process. Many NPS units on and near the border have experienced natural and cultural resource damage. The SWBRPP office works with park staff and their Mexican counterparts, as well as educational institutions, nonprofit organizations, and local, state, tribal and federal agencies to improve resource stewardship and to achieve international cooperation.
Fiscal Year 2022 Monitoring and improvements to borderlands natural and cultural resources such as Sonoran Pronghorn monitoring.


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