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With the release of President Obama’s first National Drug Control Strategy in 2010, the Office of National Drug Control Policy (ONDCP) has been coordinating a government-wide public health and public safety approach to reduce drug use and its consequences in the United States. The Obama Administration recognizes that drug use is a threat to the Nation’s public health, and that drug addiction is a preventable and treatable disease. ONDCP pursues a balanced and comprehensive approach to drug control policy - an approach that includes prevention, early intervention, treatment, recovery, and law enforcement. The Office of National Drug Control Policy expects to award one Federal grant under the Model State Drug Laws Initiative, for an annual period, beginning in approximately April 2014. Under the Initiative, a successful applicant will conduct research and analysis, provide technical assistance, and draft model legislation on current and emerging drug and alcohol-related issues. The successful applicant must also maintain a web-based resource center on state drug and alcohol laws and related statutes, policies and programs for use in advising States on establishing laws and policies based on Model State Drug Laws. MODEL STATE DRUG LAW INTIATIVE The Awardee shall be responsible for the listed deliverables in the following four areas: • RESEARCH AND ANALYSIS o Conduct timely research and analysis on state drug and alcohol laws, policies, and programs pertaining to current and emerging drug and alcohol-related issues; and o Provide technical assistance in legislative and policy development in response to requests by stakeholders. • MODEL LEGISLATION o Draft comprehensive model state drug and alcohol legislation to address current and emerging drug and alcohol related issues; and o Revise current model laws and/or draft supplementary legislation as deemed necessary. • TECHNICAL ASSISTANCE o Provide on request and, only subject to a reasonable administrative charge, individual off-site technical assistance and follow up assistance on model state drug and alcohol laws, policies, and programs to state and local officials, drug and alcohol professionals, behavioral health specialists, and other relevant parties. o All technical assistance must be conducted by subject matter experts with documented experience drafting model drug and alcohol laws and extensive knowledge of state drug and alcohol legislative, policy, and program priorities. o Documentation of all technical assistance should include, but is not limited to, the name and type of recipient, type of technical assistance, recipient feedback, and result of technical assistance. Applicant should describe the mechanism and process for obtaining and documenting this information for program reports. • MODEL STATE DRUG LAWS RESOURCE CENTER o Maintain a repository and web-based resource center on model state drug and alcohol laws, policies and programs, studies, maps, tables, and other drug and alcohol information that is easily downloadable and readily accessible to stakeholders; o Publish relevant research and information online; o Develop and disseminate relevant state statues and case law online; and o Develop a schedule for timely distribution of state law reference documents and other materials to state and local officials, drug and alcohol professionals, and other interested parties.

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Deleted 04/02/2014 (Archived.)
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Agency: Office of National Drug Control Policy
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ONDCP encourages applications from nonprofit corporations with expert knowledge and extensive experience in conducting research and analysis, providing technical assistance, and drafting model state drug and alcohol laws, policies and programs as established by Public Law 109-469, Section 1105, and in accordance with the PresidentÂ’s Commission on Model State Drug Laws in 1993.
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This program does not have cost sharing or matching requirements.
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darren neely
IT specialist
Phone 2023955530
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Awards up to $1,188,242.00


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