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Convicted Offender and/or Arrestee Dna Backlog Reduction Program (In-house Analysis And Data Review)
To accelerate the analysis of convicted offender and/or arrestee DNA samples collected by States pursuant to applicable law for databasing purposes (hereinafter, "DNA database samples"), in order to provide timely Combined DNA Index System...

To provide formula funding to State and units of local governments with existing crime laboratories that conduct DNA analysis. Funds are to be used to identify and test backlogged forensic DNA casework samples as well as post conviction DNA testing.

Corrections and Law Enforcement Family Support
To research the effects of stress on law enforcement and correctional personnel and their families and disseminate the findings; identify and evaluate model programs that provide support services to law enforcement and correctional personnel and...

Crime Laboratory Improvement-Combined Offender DNA Index System Backlog Reduction
To increase the capabilities and capacity of State and local crime laboratories in the United States to conduct state-of- the-art forensic evidence testing and to reduce the backlog of convicted offender DNA samples.

National Institute of Justice Domestic Anti-Terrorism Technology Development Program
To support the development of counter terrorism technologies, assist in the development of standards for those technologies, and work with state and local jurisdictions to identify particular areas of vulnerability to terrorist acts and be better...

National Institute of Justice Visiting Fellowships
To provide opportunities for experienced criminal justice practitioners and researchers to pursue projects aimed at improved understanding of crime, delinquency and criminal justice administration by sponsoring research projects of their own...


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