Indian Self Determination Assistance Federal Grants

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Consolidated Tribal Government
To promote Indian self determination and improve the quality of life in Tribal communities by providing greater flexibility in planning programs and meeting the needs of communities. This program allows Tribes to combine various programs and/or...

Aid To Tribal Governments
To provide funds to Indian tribal governments to support general tribal government operations, to maintain up-to-date tribal enrollment, to conduct tribal elections, and to develop appropriate tribal policies, legislation, and regulations.

Environmental Management Indian
To determine environmental impacts of Federal projects on Indian lands; to conduct surveys of Bureau of Indian Affairs controlled Federal lands and facilities, and of Indian lands, in order to identify hazardous waste sites, evaluate the potential...

Forestry on Indian Lands
To maintain, protect, enhance, and develop Indian forest resources through the execution of forest management activities.

Improvement and Repair of Indian Detention Facilities
To provide safe, functional, code and standards compliant, economical, and energy-efficient adult and/or juvenile detention facilities. Additional objectives include having a demonstrated or potential ability to deliver programmatic results,...

Indian Child and Family Education
The Family And Child Education (FACE) program is designed to serve families with children from prenatal to age 5 in home and center-based settings. Families may receive services in one or both settings. FACE provides early childhood for all children...

Real Estate Programs Indian Lands
To provide real property management, counseling, and land use planning services to individual Indian allottees and Indian tribal and Alaska Native entities who own an interest in almost 56 million acres of trust land; to provide real estate...

Indian Community Fire Protection
To provide funds to perform fire protection services for Indian Tribal Governments that do not receive fire protection support from State or local government.

Road Maintenance Indian Roads
To provide limited routine and preventive maintenance on BIA transportation facilities as described below: (1) BIA road systems and related road appurtenances such as surfaces, signs, pavement striping, trail markers, guardrails, etc.; (2) Highway...

Indian Economic Development
To assist Federally Recognized Indian Tribal Governments by providing the resources necessary to develop a self-sustaining economic base. The program provides opportunities for business development, the coordination and integration of programs...

Services to Indian Children, Elderly and Families
To provide funds to Federally Recognized Indian Tribal Governments to administer welfare assistance programs for both American Indian adults and children; to support caseworkers and counselors; and to support tribal programs to reduce the incidence...

Indian Law Enforcement
To provide funds to Indian Tribal Governments to operate police departments and detention facilities.

Bureau of Indian Affairs Facilities Operations and Maintenance
To provide funds for basic operating services to Bureau-owned or Bureau-operated non-education facilities and to maintain these facilities in a safe operating condition for the conduct of Bureau programs.

Indian Rights Protection
To protect Indian rights guaranteed through treaty or statute by obtaining the services or information needed to litigate challenges to these rights.

Tribal Courts
To provide funds to Federally Recognized Indian Tribal Governments to operate a judicial branch of government.

Indian Schools Student Transportation
To provide funds to each Bureau of Indian Education (BIE) funded school for the round trip transportation of students between home and the school site.

Tribal Courts Trust Reform Initiative
To provide grant funds to Federally Recognized Indian Tribal Governments that operate a judicial branch of government which has assumed the increased responsibilities required by 25 CFR Part 115--Trust Funds for Individual Indians Money accounts.

Indian Self-Determination Contract Support
To provide funds to Federally Recognized Indian Tribal Governments and to tribal organizations to fund some or all of the indirect costs incurred in administering Federal programs for which direct appropriations are made to the Bureau of Indian...

Tribal Self-Governance
To further the goals of Indian Self-Determination by providing funds to Indian tribes to administer a wide range of programs with broad administrative and programmatic flexibility.

Minerals and Mining on Indian Lands
The objectives of the Energy and Mineral Development Program are to: (1) provide funds to Tribes to perform technical evaluations of the energy (both renewable and conventional) and mineral resource potential of Indian reservations; (2) provide...

Water Resources on Indian Lands
To support Indian tribes in the effective and efficient management, planning, and use of their water resources.

Agriculture on Indian Lands
To protect and restore the agricultural (cropland and rangeland) resources on trust lands and facilitate the development of renewable agricultural resources.

Fish, Wildlife, and Parks Programs on Indian Lands
To promote the conservation, development, and utilization of fish, wildlife, and recreational resources for sustenance, cultural enrichment, economic support, and maximum benefit of Indians.


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