FY15 Supplemental for Security, Routing, and Information Technology Implementation Support for Hazardous Materials Transportation Analytical Risk Model (H-TRAM) for Class II and Class III Railroads.


Countermeasures Assessment and Security Experts (CASE) was contracted by the Railroad Research Foundation (RRF) to complete the development of the Hazardous Materials Transportation Analytical Risk Model (H-TRAM) for Class II and Class III railroads. H-TRAM was developed as a result of Grant FR-SEC-0008-12-01-02 issued to the RRF. H-TRAM is a web-based Software for a service risk reduction decision support tool for compliance with 49 CFR 172.820. This new grant would allow for additional resources for the H-TRAM rail routing decision making. The grantee (Countermeasures Assessment and Security Experts, LLC) plans to create a Help File, detailing how to setup and configure a rail route within H-TRAM; develop and implement web based training modules and webinars that the railroad industry could use for their initial understanding of how the system works; provide “Implementation Support,” including technical support for data configuration and set up, the operation of a call in capability where questions could be answered and if any technical problems surface a person could help the railroad through the corrections; and outreach activities to promote availability of The H-TRAM program.

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Deleted 08/30/2015 (Archived.)
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Agency: Department of Transportation
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Only the Countermeasures Assessment and Security Experts, LLC is eligible to apply for this grant.
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No Explanation
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This program does not have cost sharing or matching requirements.
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GrantSolutions Help Desk
Phone Number: 1.866.577.0771 or 202.401.5282
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Awards up to $175,000.00


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