FY13 Continuation of Wireless Sensor Networks (Hybrid)


Research the feasibility of an on-board monitoring system for freight cars in order to improve rail safety by detecting components that are potential imminent failures that may cause derailments and train delays. For the fourth phase of the project, the work will entail completion of field tests at TTCI and railroad yards and will work toward the effort on technology demonstration and road map development for implementation and commercialization as an Open-Architecture Specification. This will be done through completion and publication of the developed communication protocol for HTN. This effort will be complemented by working closely with the IEEE Communication Standard Working Group to propose HTN as an IEEE Specification and Standard. Additionally, during this phase the effort will investigate the feasibility of interfacing of HTN systems to in-cab display solutions and the ECP brake systems. For this task, the work will require working closely with a railroad and the industry who are involved in development of in-cab display technology.

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Deleted 06/30/2013 (Archived.)
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Agency: Department of Transportation
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Only the University Of Nebraska Tele-communications Center is eligible to apply for this grant.
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