Federal Grants, Loans, and Programs for Veterans

Americans have always been proud of their heroes in the military, and the federal government offers an expansive range of federal grants and programs that are designed exclusively for veterans.


Addressing a myriad of needs, including housing, employment, education and even medical care, veterans in all branches of the military can rest assured that once their service to our country is done, thanks to a number of federal grants, our country is looking out for them.

Many military personnel will find that after they leave the service, there are a number of educational and employment programs to make their transition into a civilian world much easier. Employment programs and grants like the Federal Employment Assistance for Veterans and the Federal Civil Service Employment ensures that the government, by law, gives preference to federal jobs when applicable to veterans. In the case of the Federal Employment Assistance for Veterans, veterans can apply for a number of varying positions by obtaining an application form from the Office of Personnel Management (or OPM) and from Federal agency personnel offices.

Grants are also available to state or community governmental agencies, and private non-profit organizations, that want to create employment opportunities or training services for veterans on a local level. These programs and grants, like the Veterans' Employment Program, indirectly benefit veterans who are ready and willing to join the civilian workforce, but need a hand getting started.

Veterans who want to attend school after their service will find options for assistance in this arena as well. Grants like the Post-Vietnam Era Veterans' Educational Assistance and the Survivors and Dependents Educational Assistance helps veterans, as well as their families, obtain financial assistance towards an associate, bachelor or graduate degree. Applicable to the majority of national universities, as well as special vocational training schools, these educational grants provide direct payments or loans to help with tuition costs and all the associated fees that inherently come with going back to school.

Veterans who want to plant permanent roots after returning home will find specialized home and construction grants available as well. Special federal programs like the Veterans Housing-Guaranteed and Insured Loans, which is managed by the Department of Veterans Affairs, provide guaranteed and insured loans to veterans to purchase, repair, build, or even refinance their primary residence. With interest rates that tend to be lower than national standards, and credit qualifications that are less restrictive and more forgiving, VA loans are a popular and widely used benefit for Americans who have served in the military.

Veteran home loans and grants can even be specialized to suit a particular type of property. A good example of this is the Veterans Housing-Manufactured Home Loans, which assists veterans with buying a new or used mobile home - a type of residence that can be notoriously difficult to finance through a standard home loan obtained from a bank or mortgage broker.

Another major front where veterans can benefit from federal grants and assistance is the medical realm. Programs like Veterans Medical Care Benefits and Veterans Dental Care help ensure that members of the military receive care well after their service is over, for both injuries sustained in service, or any ailments that occur afterwards. Specialized grants that target injured veterans are also available to make the transition to everyday life at home easier, like the Automobiles and Adaptive Equipment for Certain Disabled Veterans and Members of the Armed Forces grant, which provides direct payments for veterans to purchase a special automobile, or add adaptive equipment to an existing vehicle, to address a service-connected disability.

In essence, there are hundreds of programs available to assist our country's military well after their tour of duty is complete. From educational opportunities to joining the workforce, home needs to medical care, the federal government has taken great strides in making sure that military men and women have ample opportunities to achieve the American Dream during and after their service. Veterans are encouraged to browse the array of options available, and take advantage of the loans, grants, and programs that serve as a veritable "Thank you for serving our country" from the federal government, as well as the American people.

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