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Dairy Product Donation
The Dairy Product Donation Program (DPDP) is designed to address low dairy producer margins, through periodic purchases of dairy products. Funding will be provided by the Commodity Credit Corporation (CCC). The purchase aspect of DPDP will be...

Farm to School Training and Technical Assistance
The Farm to School program (10.575) exists in order to assist eligible entities, through grants and technical assistance, in implementing farm to school programs that improve access to local foods in eligible schools. Training and technical...

CCC's Dairy Export Incentive Program
The major objective of the program is to develop export markets for dairy products where U.S. products are not price competitive and thereby, make sales in targeted overseas markets for the purpose of market development or where competitor countries...

National Fire Plan - Rural Fire Assistance
To implement the National Fire Plan by increasing firefighter safety and enhancing the knowledge and fire protection capability of rural fire departments by providing assistance in education and training, protective clothing and equipment purchase,...

Agricultural Inspection
To protect U.S. agriculture from economically injurious plant and animal diseases and pests.

Attestations by Employers Using Non-Immigrant Aliens in Specialty Occupations
To provide greater protection for U.S. and foreign workers without interfering with an employer's right to obtain temporary aliens to work in specialty occupations.

Certification of Foreign Workers for Temporary Agricultural Employment
To enable agricultural employers to obtain temporary alien workers for temporary or seasonal jobs when domestic workers are not available; to protect domestic workers against unfair competition from foreign workers; and to assure adequate working...

Education and Enforcement of the Antidiscrimination Provision of the Immigration and Nationality Act
To educate employers and workers about their rights and responsibilities under the Immigration and Nationality Act (INA), which prohibits employment discrimination based on citizenship status and national origin, and unfair documentary practices...

Farm Labor Contractor Registration
To provide protection in the areas of wages, housing, and transportation for migrant and seasonal agricultural workers.

Fund for Rural America-Research, Education, and Extension Activities
The funding for Rural America (FRA) provides funds for rural development programs and for a competitive grant program to support research, education, and extension activities. CSREES administers the competitive grant program for the research,...

Great Plains Conservation
To conserve and develop the Great Plains soil and water resources by providing technical and financial assistance to farmers, ranchers, and others in planning and implementing conservation practices.

Health Centers Grants for Migrant and Seasonal Farmworkers
To support the development and operation of Health Centers and Migrant Health Programs that provide primary health care services, supplemental health services, technical assistance and environmental health services, which are accessible to migrant...

Interest Assistance Program
To provide a 4 percent subsidy to farmers and ranchers, who do not qualify for standard commercial credit. Guaranteed loans are serviced by a lender who has entered into a Lenders Agreement with the agency.

Labor Certification for Alien Workers
To protect jobs of American workers and assure that the wages and working conditions of U.S. workers will not be adversely affected by the admission of nonagricultural workers. To assist employers by supplementing the work force with needed skills....

Livestock Assistance Program
To provide direct payments to eligible livestock producers who suffered grazing losses due to drought, hot weather, disease, insect infestation, fire, hurricane, flood, fire, earthquake, severe storm, or other disasters during the 2000 crop year....

Occupational Health and Surveillance Fatality Assessment and Control Evaluation
To (1) Recognize new hazards; (2) define the magnitude of the problem; (3) follow trends in incidence; (4) target exceptional hazardous workplaces for intervention; and (5) evaluate the effectiveness of prevention efforts. The goal of this program...

Renewable Energy Systems and Energy Efficiency Improvements Program
To create a program to make direct loans, loan guarantees, and grants to agricultural producers (farmers and ranchers) and rural small businesses to help reduce energy costs and consumption and help meet the nation's critical energy needs.


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