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Minority HIV/AIDS Fund (MHAF)
The Minority AIDS Initiative (MAI)s principal goals are to improve HIV-related health outcomes for racial and ethnic minority communities disproportionately affected by HIV-AIDS and reduce HIV-related health disparities.

Research, Monitoring and Outcomes Definitions for Vaccine Safety
Enhance the work of local communities and their partnerships with immunization champions to identify, plan, implement, and evaluate evidence-based practices.

Research on Research Integrity
This program supports projects, conferences, and workshops that advance the evolving field of research integrity and produce tangible outcomes related to ensuring research integrity and compliance with 42 C.F.R. Part 93. Projects must be designed to...

Teenage Pregnancy Prevention Program
The purpose of the Teenage Pregnancy Prevention (TPP) Program is to support competitive grants to public and private entities to (1) replicate effective teen pregnancy prevention program models that have been shown to be effective through rigorous...

Advancing System Improvements for Key Issues in Women's Health
To promote program and systems innovation, policy and performance management, and strategic communications that will advance improvement for key issues in women's health. Programs will use evidence-based methodologies to support model programs,...

Community Programs to Improve Minority Health Grant Program
Support public and private evidence-based interventions and innovative models to improve the health outcomes of racial and ethnic minority communities. Conduct policy demonstrations which coordinate integrated services, community-outreach and...

Family Planning Personnel Training
To provide job specific training for personnel working in Title X settings to improve the delivery of family planning services.

Family Planning Service Delivery Improvement Research Grants
Awards for projects to develop research studies for the improvement of family planning services delivery of projects funded under Title X, Section 1001 of the Public Health Service Act.

Family Planning Services
To establish and operate voluntary family planning services projects, which shall provide family planning services to all persons desiring such services, with priority for services to persons from low-income families. These projects will serve the...

Public Awareness Campaigns on Embryo Adoption
To increase public awareness of embryo adoption and donation as a method of family building and provide individuals adopting embryos the medical and administrative services deemed necessary for such adoptions.

FY15 Announcement of Anticipated Availability of Funds for One Family Planning Clinical Training Cooperative Agreement
The Office of Population Affairs provides funding for grants and contracts to support training for personnel working in Title X-funded services projects (42 U.S.C. 300, Sec 1003). The purpose of all family planning training is to ensure that...

Announcement of Availability of Funds for Teenage Pregnancy Prevention: Research and Demonstration Programs (Tier 2) – Community Collaborative Academy
The purpose of this announcement is to work with 3 – 5 communities with high teen pregnancy rates to develop innovative strategies for preventing teen pregnancy in populations/areas with demonstrated need. These could include...


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