Defeat Malaria


With a ceiling of US $32 million over a five-year period, the planned â₏œDefeat Malariaâ₏ activity will support the national goal of controlling artemisinin-resistant malaria and ultimately eliminating malaria in Burma. This new investment will expand current coverage of community-based prevention and case management services from one million to three million people, giving priority to highly endemic and hard-to-reach areas, mobile and migrant populations, and Non-State Actor areas. â₏œDefeat Malariaâ₏ will strengthen the capacity of local stakeholders, from national to peripheral level, to lead, manage and implement interventions to reduce the malaria burden towards the goal of elimination. This activity will also strengthen the malaria surveillance system to better inform response and control strategies, and promote the involvement of communities and the private sector in control initiatives.

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Agency: Agency for International Development
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Sabine Gabriel
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Phone 233 03022741273
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Awards up to $32,000,000.00


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