Cybersecurity, Energy Security & Emergency Response (CESER)


The Office of Cybersecurity, Energy Security, and Emergency Response (CESER) enhances the security and resilience of U.S. critical energy infrastructure from all hazards, mitigate the impacts of disruptive events and risk to the sector overall. CESERs Risk Management Tools and Technologies (RMT) division is responsible for research, development, and demonstration (RD&D) of new tools and technologies that address risks to U.S. energy infrastructure. These tools and technologies address risks from cybersecurity and physical threats, electromagnetic pulse (EMP), geomagnetic disturbances (GMD), and natural hazards such as wildfires, hurricanes, and flooding. The intended outcome of CESER RMT projects is next generation tools and technologies that provide energy sector protection, monitoring, detection, response, containment, and recovery capabilities. These efforts are primarily executed through competitive solicitations.

General information about this opportunity
Last Known Status
Program Number
Federal Agency/Office
Department of Energy
Type(s) of Assistance Offered
B - Project Grants
Program Accomplishments
Not applicable.
Public Law 110-140
Public Law 109-58
Public Law 102-486
Public Law 95-91
Public Law 114-94
Energy Independence and Security Act of 2007; Energy Policy Act of 2005; Energy Policy Act of 1992; Department of Energy Organization Act of 1977, as amended; Fixing America's Surface Transportation Act, 2015
Who is eligible to apply/benefit from this assistance?
Applicant Eligibility
All types of domestic entities are eligible to apply, such as profit organizations, private nonprofit institutions/organizations, universities, research organizations, and state and local governments. All information regarding eligibility requirements will be included in the specific funding opportunity announcement.
Beneficiary Eligibility
Not applicable.
Costs will be determined in accordance with OMB Circular No. A-21 for institutions of higher education. 2 CFR 200, Subpart E - Cost Principles applies to this.
What is the process for applying and being award this assistance?
Pre-Application Procedure
Preapplication coordination is not applicable.
Application Procedure
2 CFR 200, Uniform Administrative Requirements, Cost Principles, and Audit Requirements for Federal Awards applies to this program. 2 CFR 200, Uniform Administrative Requirements, Cost Principles, and Audit Requirements for Federal Awards applies to this program. All information regarding application requirements will be included in the specific funding opportunity announcement.
Award Procedure
All applications which pass an initial review will receive an objective merit review. The objective merit review will be based on evaluation criteria set forth in the competitive solicitation(s) or criteria set forth in 2 CFR Part 200 for Unsolicited Proposals. Evaluations will be conducted by the Office of Cybersecurity, Energy Security and Emergency Response (CESER) at DOE Headquarters in Washington, DC. This responsibility may also be delegated to DOE Operations Offices and technical experts. Final decisions will be made by the Assistant Secretary, CESER.
Contact the headquarters or regional location, as appropriate for application deadlines
Approval/Disapproval Decision Time
60-120 days
Unsuccessful applicants are entitled to a written debriefing. This is typically done as a document containing the "Strengths and Weaknesses", grouped by the evaluation criteria, of the application.
financial assistance awards may be modified or extended in accordance with 2 CFR 200 and the award terms of the agreement
How are proposals selected?
Selection is based on a comprehensive merit review, program policy factors, the availability of funds, provisions of appropriation law and reports and as otherwise specified in specific solicitation document(s)
How may assistance be used?
An assistance award will be used when it is determined to be the best method for addressing the program mission
What are the requirements after being awarded this opportunity?
Not applicable.
Other than for- profit recipients are subject to the audit requirements at 2 CFR 200 subpart F. For-profit recipients are subject to the audit requirements at 2 CFR 910.501
Records retention is in accordance with 2 CFR 200.
Other Assistance Considerations
Formula and Matching Requirements
Statutory formula is not applicable to this assistance listing.

Matching is mandatory. All information regarding matching requirements will be included in the specific funding opportunity announcement; however, the program follows Section 988 of the Energy Policy Act (EPAct) of 2005 to determine the specific requirements.

MOE requirements are not applicable to this assistance listing.
Length and Time Phasing of Assistance
The time period is dependent upon funding opportunity announcement (FOA) requirements and the individual project award financial assistance grant and cooperative agreement award documents
Who do I contact about this opportunity?
Regional or Local Office
Nicole Murray, National Energy Technology Laboratory, Finance and Acquisition Center, 626 Cochrans Mill Road, Pittsburgh, PA 15236-0940
Headquarters Office
Ma-Shyrra Durden
U.S. Department of Energy
Washington, DC 20585 USA
Phone: (202) 209-3813
Website Address
Financial Information
Account Identification
(Cooperative Agreements) FY 22$34,160,164.00; FY 23 est $21,000,000.00; FY 24 est $93,400,000.00; FY 21$4,394,740.00; FY 20$23,000,000.00; FY 18$0.00; FY 19 est $0.00; -
Range and Average of Financial Assistance
Typically in the $2M - $4M range with a period of performance of approximately 3 years but can vary based on programmatic goals.
Regulations, Guidelines and Literature
The following list represents an overview of regulations, guidelines, and literature: Cybersecurity, Energy Security and Emergency Response homepage, at; DOE Financial Assistance Regulations (2 CFR 200); and the DOE Guide to Financial Assistance, both of which may be accessed through the DOE Office of Management home page or directly at:
Examples of Funded Projects
Not applicable.


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