Critical Techniques and Technologies for Advancing Big Data Science & Engineering


This year, the solicitation invites two types of proposals: "Foundations" (F): those developing or studying fundamental techniques, theories, methodologies, and technologies of broad applicability to Big Data problems; and "Innovative Applications" (IA): those developing techniques, methodologies and technologies of key importance to a Big Data problem directly impacting at least one specific application.?? All proposals must address critical challenges for big data management, big data analytics, or scientific discovery processes impacted by big data. These techniques, methodologies and technologies can be computational, statistical, or mathematical in nature, and proposals may focus on novel theoretical analysis or experimental evaluation of these techniques and methodologies. A high level of innovation is expected in all proposals. Proposals in all areas of science and engineering covered by participating directorates at NSF are welcome. This solicitation is a part of a larger national "Big Data Initiative", which covers a wide range of topics: big data infrastructure; education and workforce development; and multi-disciplinary collaborative teams and communities that address complex scientific, biomedical and engineering grand challenges.?? Before preparing a proposal in response to this BIGDATA solicitation, applicants are strongly urged to consult the list of related solicitations available at: the respective NSF program officers listed in them should those solicitations be more appropriate.?? In particular, applicants interested in deployable cyberinfrastructure pilots that would support a broader research community should see the Data Infrastructure Building Blocks (DIBBS) solicitation ( ). Applicants should also consider the Computational and Data Enabled Science and Engineering (CDS&E, PD 12-8084) solicitations for potential fit ( ). Proposals submitted to the "Innovative Applications" (IA) category must specify one or more relevant participating NSF directorates in the Project Summary.

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