Construction of the La Sierra Pipeline Portion of the Riverside-Corona Feeder


The Riverside-Corona Feeder (RCF) is a large capacity water pipeline associated with aquifer storage and recovery. The RCF will install new pipelines to deliver water to the Recipient’s Service Area in Riverside County. Existing recharge basins will be used to store imported water and local Santa Ana River flows in the Bunker Hill Groundwater Basin during wet years for delivery to communities in western Riverside County in dry years via approximately 28 miles of pipeline capable of delivering up to 40,000 acre-feet per year of ground water. The proposed pipelines will also provide access to groundwater from the Chino Basin in San Bernardino County. This Agreement will provide federal funding for construction activities of the La Sierra Pipeline (LSP) portion of the Riverside-Corona Feeder. For several years Western has been focused on increasing available local water supply for Western’s Riverside Retail Service Area. To that end, Western has collaborated and partnered with various agencies to develop water supplies in both the Arlington and Chino Basins culminating with construction and expansion of groundwater desalter treatment plants. The Arlington Desalter and Chino Desalter are currently being connected with piping to allow movement of water between them. The last and most critical piece of this water supply undertaking, to benefit Western’s Riverside Retail Service, will be to build the LSP. The LSP will enable the conveyance of potable water from the Arlington and Chino Desalters to serve the needs of Western’s Riverside Retail Service Area. The LSP and associated pump station and reservoir will accomplish two major water reliability goals for Western’s Riverside Retail Service Area: 1) provide up to 20 cubic feet per second (CFS) of emergency supply during Metropolitan Water District (MWD) outages, and 2) add availability to approximately 6,300 acre feet per year of local water supply thereby reducing the region’s dependency on imported water from the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California.

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