Community Forest and Open Space Program


Based on the President's request, anticipated funding for this program is $4 million. Individual grant applications may not exceed $400,000, which does not include technical assistance. Federal obligation under this program is contingent upon the availability of final appropriations.

General information about this opportunity
Last Known Status
Program Number
Federal Agency/Office
Agency: Department of Agriculture
Office: Forest Service
Type(s) of Assistance Offered
Other Categories
Provides financial assistances to Tribes, local governments, and non-profit organizations (whose mission is to conserve and protect land) to establish community forest through fee simple aquisition of private forest land from a willing seller.
Who is eligible to apply/benefit from this assistance?
Applicant Eligibility
Eligible entities are local governments, federally recoginzed tribes and Alaskan Native Corporations, and non-profits who are eligible to hold title to land for conservation purposes.
What is the process for applying and being award this assistance?
Application Procedure
Applications must be submitted to the State Foresters in which the property will be acquired or Tribal official, in the case of Tribal applicants, by January 15, 2014. State Foresters and Tribal officials must forward applications to the Forest Servi
Other Assistance Considerations
Formula and Matching Requirements
This program has cost sharing or matching requirements.
Who do I contact about this opportunity?
Headquarters Office
Maya Solomon
Program Coordinator
Phone 202-205-1376
Website Address
E-mail Address
Financial Information
Range and Average of Financial Assistance
Awards up to $4,000,000.00


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