BLM OR/WA Sage-Grouse Summer Habitat Study


Whitworth University has been working with the BLM to monitor the long-term trend of translocated sage and sharp-tailed grouse habitat in Lincoln County, Washington beginning in 2014. An analysis of nested-frequency vegetation data has been completed by Whitworth University detailing how nesting habitat has changed in the study area over a 15-year period. In 2015, project partners expect to translocate up to 40 additional sage-grouse to the Lincoln County population, 20 of which will be fitted with radio collars. Previous studies have focused on nesting habitat and spring/summer movements, but little is known about how translocated grouse, in the study area, use mesic habitat, presumably important for brood-rearing. Vegetation maps of the translocation area have been jointly developed by WSU and BLM to provide a detailed habitat layer from which to base habitat selection models. Mesic habitat is identified on this map but not further described, classified or evaluated for importance to grouse. Since the re-introduction effort is continuing using radio collared birds, there is opportunity to learn more about these specific questions. The objective of this program is to study habitat use of sage-grouse and sharp-tailed grouse in the Crab Creek Management Area of eastern Washington. This work will be conducted in close coordination with project partners in a collaborative setting.

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