BLM OR/WA - Population Monitoring, Data Collection, and Conservation Strategy for Pyrrocoma radiata, Snake River goldenweed, Vale District


The BLM has worked with the Institute of Applied Ecology for over 10 years demographic monitoring to determine the effects of climate and cattle grazing on Snake River goldenweed, Pyrrocoma radiata. This species, formerly known as Haplopappus radiatus, is listed as endangered by the State of Oregon, as a Species of Concern with the USFWS, and is a BLM Sensitive Species. Pyrrocoma radiata is endemic to eastern Oregon and western Idaho. 93 P. radiata locations are recorded in the GeoBOB database of which 83 of the sites have not been visited in over 13 years. Furthermore, population size has been recorded for only 7 of these sites thus the current status of P. radiata is unknown. There are significant threats to the Snake River goldenweed which include precipitation changes, livestock grazing, construction of wind energy turbines, power line construction, and noxious weed encroachment. Additionally the results of increasing wildfires have converted the Snake River goldenweed's habitat, sagebrush steppe, to annual grassland. It is unknown if the Snake River goldenweed will be able to persist under these altered habitat conditions. The objective of this project is to improve the management of Snake River goldenweed, Pyrrocoma radiata, currently listed as endangered by the State of Oregon, as a Species of Concern with the USFWS, and is a BLM Sensitive Species. This project is to determine the extent and population status of the species and to develop a Conservation Strategy and detailed management plan for maintaining viable populations of the species. Year one of this project will include re-locating and re-sampling of all ten monitoring plots for P. radiata. Monitoring results will be summarized in a report addressing species management options for improved protection, conservation, and preservation of the species. Additional surveys of at least 15 new sites per year will be done to document population size and threats currently affecting the Snake River goldenweed's habitat such as livestock grazing, presence of invasive species, OHV impact, and fire effects. Continuing monitoring and surveying of habitat for previously undiscovered populations will be done. All visited populations will be GPSed to determine geographic extent of populations. GeoBOB sighting report forms will be completed for all populations.

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