BLM OR/WA - Native Fish Investigations, Oregon


Background: The BLM and the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife (ODFW) have a long history of working together, and have a continued mutual interest in managing fish species and their respective habitats around the state. This work is intended to be a continuation of the surveys that have been ongoing from 2010-2015, and is intended to increase respective knowledge bases regarding native fish in Oregon. This joint effort will result in improved coordination of fish conservation efforts with other entities throughout the state, including the US Forest Service, local Tribes, and/or private landowners. These efforts will be broken down into 2 categories: 1) resurvey of habitats previously surveyed by ODFW (using similar protocols) to gather data on habitat and population trends, and 2) new surveys (using ODFW protocol) focused on collecting information for species of mutual interest, in the following categories: Those listed under the Endangered Species Act; Those species on the BLM�s Special Status Species List, or species that are considered rare or highly localized - for which there is little existing information. Objectives: To continue to collect data regarding the distribution, abundance, habitat needs, and population trends of native fish species found on or near BLM-managed lands in Oregon. The recipient agrees to: Submit copies of all field data, Submit a report summarizing and interpreting data collection results Submit copies of all GIS data for incorporation into the BLM's Fisheries databases.

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