BLM OR/WA - Blackrock and Valsetz Road Rehabilitation, Oregon


The undersized three-culvert stream crossing of Dutch Creek under Mitchell Street (which becomes Black Rock Road outside of the Falls City limits) has become a frequent problem during heavy rain events when debris clogs the small culverts. On three known occasions over the past 10 years, this condition has resulted in a road overtopping and/or washout and complete road closure. Bypass during this condition is either through private lands or by driving nearly an hour around to access in the Grand Ronde area. Road overtopping during flooding is a significant safety risk to all users, especially given the lack of alternate routes available and the risk that drivers are willing to take to cross flood waters to get out. A half dozen residences and a summer camp are located beyond the crossing site. Blackrock Road is the shortest and simplest access route for emergency response. Due to funding limitations the City of Falls City, the administrative owner of the Dutch Creek crossing, has been unable to respond in a timely manner to these washouts and the repair work has typically fallen to private timberland owners or Polk County. Fish passage conditions at the Dutch Creek crossing, under Mitchell Street, would be considered poor for adult resident trout and a full barrier to juvenile resident trout. The culvert blocks fish passage in Dutch Creek near its confluence with the Little Luckiamute River. The Little Luckiamute River is a local popular resident trout sport fishery, recommended on several fishing websites. Protecting and restoring access to rearing and spawning habitat, such as found in Dutch Creek, is necessary to support and expand the fishery. The close proximity of the Little Luckiamute River to Blackrock Road creates environmental risk due to road sediment washing into waters of the state. Endangered Species Act listed Upper Willamette River winter steelhead are immediately downstream of the Blackrock and Valsetz roads, ending at the water falls in Falls City. Current conditions of the road system result in seasonal restrictions on Blackrock Road to avoid affects to listed fish. Making improvements to Blackrock Road and Valsetz Road, including culvert replacements and road paving, would reduce sediment delivery to listed fish habitat of the Little Luckiamute that would increase BLM flexibility to move logs during wet weather conditions and restore fish passage to native species. Any stream channel disturbance activities within 1 mile of listed fish habitat will likely require consultation coverage. The objective is restoration, conservation, protection, preservation and management of streams and roads in the Middle Little Luckiamute Sub-Watershed in Oregon.

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