BLM OR/WA - A Cooperative Effort for Bird Conservation Throughout OR/WA


Monitoring avian populations and their associated habitats is a priority for avian conservation and management throughout the BLM. The BLM has been working with Klamath Bird Observatory (KBO) on bird conservation projects and programs since 1992. Information gained from these efforts has been incorporated and disseminated as the latest knowledge and recommendations for avian conservation throughout Oregon and Washington. Over the past decade KBO, in cooperation with several other organizations and individuals, has been involved in the intensive monitoring and inventory of neotropical migratory birds in the region. Additionally KBO has brought scare resources to the table in the form of skilled avian conservation staff to implement research, environmental education, social science and monitoring efforts. Their expertise and skills to access, retrieve and utilize the data stored in the Avian Knowledge Northwest (AKNW) database has been used to make comparative analyses and management recommendations for ongoing avian data collection efforts in Oregon and Washington. This has provided the BLM the unique ability to assess the growing avian conservation needs. The primary objective of this program is to evaluate the population health of landbirds in various habitats, and for the continued monitoring, research, environmental education, social science and adaptive management projects of avian conservation throughout OR and WA. The recipient will cooperatively assess and determine the status and trends of avifauna throughout OR and WA and continue to seek opportunities to engage the BLM in bird conservation opportunities at regional and national scales. The recipient is required to monitor species presence/absence, estimate densities, create habitat associations for guilds of avifauna and monitor population trends for individual species across habitat types and management regimes. The ability to analyze, interpret, incorporate and disseminate the information into planning and management efforts is essential. This cooperative endeavor seeks to develop cutting edge knowledge of issues and recommendations for avian conservation efforts in Oregon and Washington. The program also includes monitoring and censussing avian populations and habitats to obtain data on species diversity, abundance and demographic rates in a variety of habitat types.

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Agency: Department of the Interior
Office: Bureau of Land Management
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This program does not have cost sharing or matching requirements.
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Sheri Dowley, Grants Management Officer, 503-808-6243
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Awards range from $1.00 to $50,000.00


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