Under this FOA, BETOâ₏™s Advanced Algal Systems Program seeks projects that will develop technologies that are likely to succeed in producing 3,700 gallons of algal biofuel intermediate (or equivalent dry weight basis) per acre per year (gal/acre/yr) on an annualized average basis (not peak or projected) through multiple batch campaigns or on a semi-continuous or continuous basis, in an outdoor test environment by 2020. In general, â₏œbiofuel intermediatesâ₏ are biomass-based feedstocks that can replace petroleum-based feedstocks in downstream refining. Biofuel intermediates should be able to be treated as commodities and passed from a producer to a refiner through the supply chain. Biofuel intermediates can be refined into a variety of liquid transportation fuels such as, but not limited to: ethanol, renewable diesel, and renewable jet fuel. The average yield target of 3,700 gal/acre/yr of intermediate must be achieved under conditions that result in favorable lifecycle greenhouse gas reductions and techno-economic analyses (energy return on investment â₏“ energy content of final products/energy input, assuming mature scale deployment of technologies). BETOâ₏™s Advanced Algal Systems Program has a goal of demonstrating, at a process development unit scale, algal biofuel intermediate yield of 2,500 gallons per acre per year by 2018 and 5,000 per acre per year by 2022. This FOA is directed at the interim yield between the two target yields and target years. It is expected that projects selected under this FOA will be well on their way to demonstrating the 2,500 gal/acre/yr (at a minimum, projects must be able to produce between 1,900 and 2,500 gal/acre/yr on an annualized average basis at the beginning of the proposed project â₏“ the project baseline) with a reasonable and realistic plan to produce 3,700 gal/acre/yr by the end of the performance period. The full Funding Opportunity Announcement (FOA) is posted on the EERE eXCHANGE website at To apply to this FOA, Applicants must register with and submit application materials through EERE Exchange at, EEREâ₏™s online application portal. Information on where to submit questions regarding the content of the announcement and where to submit questions regarding submission of applications is found in the full FOA posted on the EERE eXCHANGE website.

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